11 Hottest Actors to Play Movie Super Heroes

Published on September 18, 2013. Updated March 12, 2014

Few things are better than sexy superheroes and action-packed films. Some people love Chris Hemsworth’s chiseled body in Thor and The Avengers. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is always a favorite. Who doesn’t love Will Smith as tortured John Hancock? Listed below are the 11 hottest actors to ever play movie superheroes:

11. Wesley Snipes as Blade

Wesley Snipes is the oldest superhero on our list. At 51-years-old, Wesley Snipes has still got it. Blade is a badass, hot superhero who doesn’t take crap from vampire degenerates.

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10. Will Smith as John Hancock

Hancock is a great film for people who love the underdog. Will Smith plays tortured, homeless, alcoholic, John Hancock. Hancock cleans up the crime-riddled streets of Los Angeles in this action-packed, fun-filled comedy. Will Smith is still one of the sexiest superheroes at 44 years old.

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9. Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

Nobody expected Andrew Garfield to be such a sexy Spider-Man, but he did it. We can’t help but love how sweet and thoughtful he is too. This 30-year-old actor has a very subtle hotness that we just love!

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8. Christian Bale as Batman

Christian Bale plays tortured Bruce Wayne in Batman. He plays an incredibly sexy and dark character in these movies. With Alfred’s help, he fights crime to restore Gotham’s originally industrial goodness. In real life, Christian Bale is 39 years old.

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7. James Marsden as Cyclops

James Marsden is our favorite supporting superhero. He’s a huge fan favorite as Cyclops in the X-Men films. Who doesn’t love a sexy supporting man with super powers? We don’t have to see his eyes to know the depth of his soul. This 39-year-old actor doesn’t look like he’s pushing 40 at all.


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6. Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

He’s witty, handsome and incredibly entertaining. Everybody loves Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. He’s a perpetual bachelor with an expensive hobby. Robert Downey Jr. remains one of the hottest superheroes alive at 48 years old.


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5. Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds was People Magazine’s sexiest man alive in 2010. His role as the Green Lantern was nothing short of sizzling. His abdominal muscles are the envy of men all over the world. He’s 36 years old.

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4. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Few actors can do broody and handsome as well as Hugh Jackman. He nails the role of Wolverine in multiple X-Men films. This unlikely hero becomes a beacon of justice. Hugh Jackman is 44 years old.

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3. Henry Cavill as Superman

Who doesn’t love the Man of Steel? Henry Cavill is an incredibly hot Super Man. He’s everything we want in a superhero. He’s tall, dark and handsome. Superman is a tough superhero to do well, because the actor has to be equal parts nerdy and sexy. Like many other superheroes on the list, he is 30 years old.

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2. Chris Evans as Captain America

Chris Evans plays the incredibly hot Captain America, but he was also the Human Torch in Fantastic Four. Some men just fit the “superhero” type. Chris Evans plays Steve Rogers who transforms into Captain America to help the war effort during World War II. In real life, Chris Evans is 32 years old.

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1. Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Fans can see Chris Hemsworth in Thor and The Avengers. He is the absolute picture of blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Norse-God-like qualities. Who could possibly be hotter than the God of Thunder? His initial arrogance only makes him more endearing as a character. Chris is 30 years old, and he doesn’t look a day over 21.

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