General Hospital Couples Fans Didn’t See Coming

Published on May 4, 2018. Updated May 16, 2022

There’s nothing like a great love story, and General Hospital (GH) is famous for creating some of the best super couples in daytime drama history. Soap opera romances can seem predictable at times; however, the best ones are when two people come together to shock viewers. Below are GH couples that fans didn’t see coming.

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12. Nikolas Cassadine and Ava Jerome

They didn’t end up being a bona fide super couple; however, sparks flew between Ava and Nikolas during the summer of 2016 when they were held captive by Valentin Cassadine, which was completely unexpected. The two would have moved onto an interesting relationship in Port Charles right away, had Nikolas not been declared deceased after that abduction. The couple are still together today, although not without their share of problems (namely, Spencer and Esme).

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11. Hamilton Finn and Anna Devane

Much like Nikolas and Ava, Anna and Finn took their time diving into official coupledom, yet they eventually explored something quite special. Whatever took them so long — perhaps the age difference was a factor — the good doctor and super spy eventually stunned GH fans with the chemistry between them. It didn’t last the long haul, with Anna turning her gaze to Valentin, but who knew these two could be so good together?!

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10. Anthony Zacchara and Tracy Quartermaine

Back in 2011, Anthony Zacchara was very smitten with Tracy Quartermaine. While opposites do tend to attract on soaps, these two seemed like oil and water. Anthony was so obsessed with making it work with Tracy that he blackmailed her into marrying him. She went along with the plan, hoping to make Luke jealous, something that ended up backfiring miserably. Despite the love he had for her, Tracy just wasn’t into Anthony, but their marriage was an interesting watch on GH.

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9. Kevin Collins and Laura Webber

When Kevin Collins returned to Port Charles, most GH fans naturally thought a reunion with former flame Lucy Coe was in the cards. They were wrong. For whatever reason, Kevin was drawn to Laura Webber and while the two were an unexpected pairing, they do make a lovely couple.

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8. Franco Baldwin and Carly Corinthos

No one could’ve predicted the pairing of Carly and Franco. After all, Franco had once been the nemesis of Carly’s best friend Jason and watching her soften up to Franco and then trust him was a stunning thing for GH audiences to see unfold. As much as fans didn’t expect the romance, audiences could see their break-up looming from a mile away.

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7. Kristina Corinthos-Davis and Parker Forsyth

Back in late 2016, when Kristina confided to sister Sam that she got kicked out of college because she was inappropriate with a professor, many fans assumed that teacher was a male. Made sense, as Kristina had only dated men up until that point. Therefore, audiences were surprised when professor Forsyth ended up being a woman. Equally surprising was Kristina’s true connection with Parker, her inability to get over her, and the fact that she moved all the way to Oregon to be with her recently.

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6. Luke Spencer and Tracy Quartermaine

Who knew these two would have more staying power and a stronger connection than he and Laura had in the long run. Luke and Tracy initially hooked up after a drinking spree in Vegas in the early 2000s but would truly fall in love over the years. While many fans saw these two as comedic relief on the show initially, Luke and Tracy would eventually have some heartwarming and romantic moments together.

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5. Nikolas Cassadine and Hayden Barnes

Nikolas and Hayden were a toxic pairing. After all, the only reason they hooked up was so that Nikolas could keep her quiet about the whole ‘Jason being Jake Doe’ fiasco. As time wore on, it seemed like there was some love between them; however, the two would continue to plot against each other and, in the long run, this romance fizzled.

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4. Drew Cain and Sam McCall

When Sam thought Drew was Jason, this pairing made complete sense. When Sam realized that the real Jason was alive and well and that the man she had been with all these years was not him, her actions afterward were puzzling. She would (quickly) choose a life with Drew (over Jason), and this was a very unexpected move. It seemed as if Same didn’t even take time to process the idea that the real Jason was back, or even take a break with Cain to truly assess her feelings. She simply chose Drew automatically, not taking into account Jason’s feelings and his return at all.

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3. Franco Baldwin and Elizabeth Webber

Not only were GH fans stunned when these two hooked up, the super couple lasted a lot longer than many expected. Franco was the complete opposite of the type of guys Liz usually fell for and he wasn’t at all in her league. Although the couple ended when Franco passed away, it certainly caught GH viewers by surprise!

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2. Griffin Munro and Ava Jerome

Perhaps it’s their age difference or the fact that Griffin has a conscience and Ava doesn’t, but these are two individuals that fans never thought would turn into a bona fide couple. With Ava scheming behind Griffin’s back, their time together may be up soon anyway. This is probably a good thing as Griffin deserves better.

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1. Sonny Corinthos and Emily Quartermaine

Mob boss and Port Charles’ public enemy number one hooking up with one of the sweetest (and richest) girls in town? Whoever would have thought Emily and Sonny would be a couple! Not many GH fans! Well, they were a thing at one point, much to the chagrin of everyone in town. Sadly, as quickly as they shacked up, they broke up.

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