12 Guiding Light Couples With The Best Chemistry

Published on March 26, 2018. Updated June 24, 2020

Guiding Light had an incredible 72-year run as soap opera. It was broadcast on both television and radio over the years and still lies as America’s longest-running drama in TV history within the Guinness World Records. Fans tuned in daily to watch the incredible storylines, as well as the adventure, intrigue, and romance (of course). Speaking of, the show had some great super couples emerge over the years. Below are 12 Guiding Light couples who had the best chemistry.

12. Beth and Phillip

Starting the list off is a couple from the 1980s that viewers easily fell in love with, Phillip Spaulding and Beth Raines. In typical soap opera coupledom for this time period, Beth was a shy girl with a horrible secret, while Phillip was her knight in shining armor (who also happened to be rich). He would end up helping her through a lot of painful past memories of abuse. The duo endured it all over the years: deaths, mental breakdowns, kidnapping, other relationships, and split personalities.

11. Bert and Bill

Digging deep into the Guiding Light history vault, we come across a couple who had their fair share of troubles over the years, but always somehow found a way to make things work. Bill and Bert Bauer married in 1949, and Bert was a woman who always stood by her man, despite the alcoholism that plagued their marriage at times.

10. Lizzie and Bill

Lizzie Spaulding may have been a spoiled little rich girl, but she found a tremendous (and real) connection when it came to Bill Lewis. The two found friendship and then eventually fell in after Lizzie hit rock bottom with her family. She would keep Bill’s secret of falling off the wagon and Bill, in turn, would give her an opportunity at Lewis construction. Their love story was a beautiful thing to watch and the two had tremendous chemistry.

9. Hope and Alan

Every soap opera has a Romeo and Juliet story and many Guiding Light fans would agree that Hope Bauer and Alan Spaulding fit this concept to a ‘T.’ The couple fell in love after surviving a plane crash together and being stranded on an island. While their families did not like each other, the two would marry in 1980 and have a son together.

8. Harley and Gus

Two wise-cracking police officers, bantering back and forth sounds like a typical Hollywood cop movie, a la the Lethal Weapon or Beverly Hills Cop franchises; however, Guiding Light turned this recipe for television entertainment into a beautiful romance story. Gus Aitoro and Harley Cooper were two officers of the law who bickered together, joked around, laughed, and shared a wonderful love.

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7. Dinah and Shayne

Shayne Lewis and Dinah Marler saved each other when they fell in love. Shayne was a mess, feeling responsible for the death of his fiancée, while Dinah had gone over the edge believing she was the reason behind her brother’s girlfriend being kidnapped. Almost at the point of no return, when these two came together, they created daytime drama magic onscreen.

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6. Jenna and Buzz

There’s always that one couple on every soap opera that seem to be total opposites, but when they come together, they make super couple history because they simply work together so well. Jenna Bradshaw and Henry ‘Buzz’ Cooper Sr. were a fine example of this on the Guiding Light. She was an exotic jewel thief, while he was an honest business owner trying to make a living with his diner. The two were inseparable until Jenna’s untimely passing in 1998 due to a car accident.

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5. Lucy and Alan-Michael

It is no surprise that Alan-Michael Spaulding hits this list at number five, after all, super couple parents Hope and Alan were spotlighted at number nine. Still, Spaulding met Lucy Cooper after almost hitting her with his car and was smitten from the get-go. The couple had a spark that Guiding Light audiences fell in love with in the 1990s. Alan-Michael and Lucy would be married in 1996 and scenes from their wedding were actually filmed within parts of the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando.

4. Olivia and Natalia

Many did not see it coming when conservative Natalia Rivera fell in love with man-eater Olivia Spencer. The two became friends after Olivia was given the heart of Natalia’s dead husband. The operation would save Olivia’s life and their friendship would shock not only all of Springfield but some Guiding Light fans as well.

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3. Holly and Roger

Holly Norris and Roger Thorpe certainly had a twisted and complicated love story that spanned decades on the Guiding Light. This romance that was sometimes ruled by hate and revenge wasn’t the sweetest, but the twosome certainly did carve their names in super couple stardom thanks to the chemistry they shared.

2. Nola and Quinton

It was clear that Quinton Chamberlain had fallen in love with Nola Reardon from the moment he met her back in 1981, hiring her to become his household supervisor despite having zero experience for the job. A soap opera super couple was born that October and while Nola was pregnant at the time, Quint was determined to give the young women and her child the life they both deserved. The couple would spend years together in both the 1980s and late 1990s.

1. Reva and Josh

No surprise that Reva Shayne and Josh Lewis hit number one on this list. Their super couple romance spanned decades, from the early 1980s until Guiding Light’s demise in 2009. Viewers were fascinated by their love story and a big piece of what made Reva and Josh work so well is the chemistry they had between them. Guiding Light’s signature couple was so popular, the show’s final scene, of its very last episode, spotlighted these two finally end up together and driving away to start their new lives together.

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