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Published on March 24, 2017. Updated April 1, 2020

Although many series opted away from family sitcoms and into heavier drama through the ’90s until now, over the years, many popular series, especially teen dramas, have featured many different siblings and different sibling dynamics from strained relationships to the best of friends, and fans become just as engrossed in these relationships as they do romantic ones. Some shows have found amazing success by having siblings lead a show, so here are 12 of the most popular TV siblings ranked from worst to best:

12. Dan and Jenny Humphrey (Gossip Girl)

At first, the sibling relationship between Dan and Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl started off like quite an adorable brother-sister dynamic. As two kids both from the wrong side of the city going to an elite school, they had to have each other’s backs and Dan was a protective and attentive older brother. Eventually, as their lives changed and they became part of the popular crowd, they grew apart and became very different people. What makes them the worst TV siblings, however, is the fact that Dan was Gossip Girl and he said a lot of awful and weird things about his own sister under the alias.

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11. Dawn and Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans are well aware of the impact that Dawn Summers had on the series. When Dawn became a prominent part of the show, fans were not happy because she was whiny and continuously put herself in dangerous situations, which meant Buffy had to save her. Instead of a sibling relationship, everything was based off of Buffy protecting her sister, and eventually Dawn even led to Buffy’s death in season five which only angered fans further even though Buffy came back.

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10. The Camden Kids (7th Heaven)

In terms of wholesome family sitcoms, one of the most popular ones of the ’90s and early 2000’s was 7th Heaven. With seven kids, there was a lot to keep up with between Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, and Sam and David, and while the family was tight-knit, it sort of always seemed that the siblings were fighting for attention because of how many of them there were. To top it off, the Camden parents were always trying to help other, often troubled youth, which only distracted them from their own children more. While they always supported each other, the Camden siblings also often squabbled and sometimes barely interacted because of their age differences, making them not the best of TV’s many siblings.

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9. Brandon and Brenda Walsh (Beverly Hills, 90210)

Brandon and Brenda Walsh were two TV siblings who basically set the standard for siblings in teen dramas to come. As twins, they had to deal with being in the same social group, dating each other’s friends, and running into problems because of that. The pair had an interesting dynamic because of all the drama surrounding them and their friends, and it did not go unnoticed that the show did not perform well when it was primarily focused on Brandon and Brenda. Once the scope of the show expanded to their friends and their families, the series improved significantly, proving that Brandon and Brenda weren’t a strong enough sibling duo to lead a show.

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8. Eric and Cory Matthews (Boy Meets World)

Over the course of Boy Meets World‘s seven seasons, fans came to know and love the Matthews brothers. When the show began Cory and Eric’s age gap made it somewhat hard for the two brothers to relate to each other, and their sibling relationship was often reduced to typical brother banter. As Cory got older, however, the pair became closer and time and time again, despite their fighting, they proved they would always be the first one to defend or help each other in the show’s more serious moments.

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7. Damon and Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

There is no denying that Damon and Stefan Salvatore had a strained relationship, but that isn’t particularly surprising because they are ageless vampires who have spent centuries together. The biggest problem with the Salvatore brothers is that they always seemed to find themselves fighting over one woman, and centuries of that will take a toll. When they weren’t involved in a serious love triangle, however, there was a lot of brotherly love between the two men, and maybe it wasn’t always easy, but they made a lot of sacrifices for each other.

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6. Lucas and Nathan Scott (One Tree Hill)

Fans of One Tree Hill know that the brother dynamic between Lucas and Nathan Scott was anything but typical. At first, the two could not have hated each other any more than they did, and they were involved in classroom fights, fighting over Peyton, and even a brawl during basketball a game. Despite this extremely rough beginning, the pair find themselves so high on the list because of the amazing friends they became. After slowly realizing that their enemy was their father, not each other, the pair became best friends and were always the first to defend and help each other and eventually provided some of the show’s best bromance moments.

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5. The Tanner Sisters (Full House/Fuller House)

The Tanner sisters were perhaps the most iconic siblings from the ’90s. DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle lost their mother when they were very young and relied on each other as much as they did their dad, Uncle Joey, and Uncle Jesse who all stepped in to help raise them. The best part about the three was that they were extremely relatable, meaning they weren’t always the best of friends, but when it came down to it, they were always there for each other. Now, fans are getting a better idea of just how close Stephanie and DJ are at least with Fuller House as Stephanie gave up her traveling and hectic lifestyle to help her sister raise her sons.

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4. The Big Three (This Is Us)

This Is Us may be the newest show on this list, but the Pearson kids have really made their impact on audiences already. So far, through the format of the show, fans have become acquainted with Kevin, Kate and Randall, also known as The Big Three as babies, young kids, teenagers, and adults, and there is nothing more important to the Pearsons than family. While Kevin and Kate obviously have the deeper bond as twins, in their adult years, Kevin and Randall have become really great brothers and they are the most helpful and supportive siblings anyone could ever hope to have.

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3. The Halliwell Sisters (Charmed)

For seven seasons, Charmed was one of the most popular shows on TV, and still remains one of the best series that stars siblings. Charmed was unique not only because it is one of few shows to feature all female leads, who fans come to know and love as the Halliwell sisters. The entire series was built on “The Power of Three” and the bond between the sisters, that although tested many times, could never be beaten. Even after the loss of their eldest sister Prue, the show kept the focus on the sisters and their bond by introducing the Halliwell’s half-sister Paige Matthews. Without a doubt, these are the top TV sisters of all.

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2. Monica and Ross Geller (Friends)

Friends may have been about exactly as the title says, but it also included siblings Monica and Ross Geller. Over the 10 seasons, there were many amazing Monica and Ross moments, and especially the early seasons saw that no matter how much their parents seemingly favored Ross, he always had his sister’s back. Despite being siblings the two were completely compatible in the same friend group, and maybe sometimes their relationship seemed a little too close, but despite their lack of boundaries, added with their amazing dance routine made for a great sibling duo!

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1. Dean and Sam Winchester (Supernatural)

It is one thing for any sibling to say “I would die for you” or to say they had been through hell and back, but in Dean and Sam Winchester’s case, both are extremely true. The Winchester brothers are not just brothers, they are best friends and co-workers and nothing makes their bond stronger than hunting and killing demons and trying to stop the apocalypse. Like many brothers and siblings, the two are extremely different, but that just makes them even better because they know what each other’s strengths and weaknesses are and are always there to pick up the slack for each other.

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