Y&R Characters Fans Are Desperate To See Make A Comeback

Published on July 8, 2020. Updated April 6, 2022

There’s nothing worse than having your favorite soap opera character die, vanish, leave town, or simply get written out of storylines. The only good news is that comebacks and returns can create a buzz like no other in the land of daytime drama, and most characters don’t stay away for that long, especially the fan favorites. Below are some Young and the Restless (Y&R) characters that fans are desperate to see make a comeback.

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12. Daniel Romalotti

Even though it’s been years since Daniel has lived in Genoa City, Kevin Fisher still looks a tad lost without his BFF! All joking aside, it would be great if Daniel could come back to the little town, reunite with the family, and bring Lucy in tow! But, would she be so little at this point? Perhaps she could bring some teenage drama home to Grandma Phyllis!

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11. Sheila Carter

Yes, she’s an awful human being that would only bring pain and destruction to all that she hates (looking at you, Lauren and Michael); however, everything she does makes for some incredible daytime television! Sheila Carter popped into L.A. to cause some drama within the Bold and the Beautiful some time ago … could she make a comeback to Genoa City, too?

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10. Dr. Ben “Stitch” Rayburn

Whatever happened to Stitch? It’s like one day he was serving the fine people of Genoa City as a doctor at the hospital, and the next, *poof* he was gone! A lot of characters are simply erased from the canvas; however, many fans would argue that Rayburn deserved a proper exit storyline. Regardless, could the Y&R powers that be have him pop back onto the scene again? At some point?!

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9. Dylan McAvoy

As most know, the actor who played McAvoy (Steve Burton) jumped the Y&R ship and headed back to his old soap opera stomping ground, General Hospital, back in 2017. Burton made an explosive return as Jason Morgan on that show; however, fans of the show still miss him and hope for the day he makes an explosive return back to the Y&R.

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8. Ronan Malloy

The tough cop with a heart of gold heated things in Genoa City from 2010 to 2012, as Nina Webster’s illegitimate and long-lost son. He’d have some steamy affairs along the way with Phyllis Summers, Chloe Mitchell, and Heather Stevens. Sadly, Ronan was simply written off the show without a proper goodbye and many Y&R viewers would love to see Malloy come back

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7. Nina Webster

If we are talking about a Ronan return, why not bring the entire family back and have Nina join him? Nina has a long history in Genoa City with plenty of friends and would be welcomed back with open arms by Y&R fans. With over three decades (on and off) with the show, she’s established quite a following and many would love to see her return.

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6. Heather Stevens

With all his children out of Genoa City, Paul Williams could use some family in the little town right now. Could this signal a return from Heather Stevens? Right now, she’s shacked up with Daniel Romalotti and his daughter Lucy, somewhere in Georgia, but that could all change in a blink of an eye. Heather is certainly a character many fans would love to see come back to the Y&R.

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5. Drucilla Winters

It’s been well over a decade since Dru fell off that cliff and disappeared from the land of Genoa City; however, long-time Y&R fans still yearn for her return. While she’d be returning to find out the love her life has passed, perhaps the silver lining would be seeing her children again and meeting her grandchildren.

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4. Delia Abbott

Sadly, Delia Abbott is one of those soap opera characters who will more than likely never return, unless in a ghost/dream form. However, this doesn’t mean that Y&R fans don’t still miss her very much and wish she could return. The little girl was smart, funny, feisty, and sweet. Moreover, the car accident storyline that caused her departure touched the hearts of many Y&R viewers.

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3. Patty Williams

Patty Williams is absolutely insane, yet there is something about her character than fans truly connect to. Everyone can see she’s not a terrible person, and most of the bad things she does, she’s either goaded into doing, doing it out of fear, or due to her mental condition. While someone is bound to get axed whenever Patty enters a storyline, when she is around, she makes things in Genoa City interesting.

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2. Raul Guittierez

It was beyond cool to see Raul, Mackenzie, Brittany, and other Y&R characters return during the show’s 45th Anniversary celebration, fans can’t help but wish some of the characters could stay … for good! Such is the case when it comes to Raul, as he was such an integral part of the “teen scene” gang, back in the day!

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1. Keemo Abbott

Speaking of deep family roots, Keemo is Jack Abbott’s son and the two reunited in the mid-1990s to create a nice little family with Keemo’s mom (and Jack’s love) Luan, and sister Mai (no relation to the Abbotts). Sadly, when Luan passed away shortly after she and Jack married, a devastated Keemo left Genoa City to head back to Vietnam. While a return seems unlikely, now that Keemo has been declared deceased, a twist isn’t out of the question. After all, Diane Jenkins was somehow resurrected!

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