15 TV And Movie Boyfriends We Wish Were Real

Published on August 5, 2015.

How many girls have sat by the phone waiting for last night’s date to call, or wondered why their boyfriends never surprise them with flowers or romantic getaways? We see it in the movies and on TV, so why doesn’t it happen in real life?  Why can’t the hunks on-screen be real boyfriends? The following is a list of the most drool-worthy fellows who have ruined men for women everywhere because no one in real life lives up to expectations derived from these guys. Yes, they have their faults and flaws, but they always come through for the women they love and their devotion is constant. Plus, they are just so much fun to look at.

15. Dean Forester (Gilmore Girls)

He was cute, hunky, and just so adorable. Who wasn’t in love with Dean (Jared Padalecki), the boy next door? He surprises Rory (Alexis Bledel) by building her a car for her anniversary present and tells her he loves her for the first time under the stars.

Source: Warner Bros.

14. Josh (Clueless)

Josh was every girl’s hero when he rescued Cher (Alicia Silverstone) from the parking lot after being mugged, and made hearts melt when he danced with Tai (Brittany Murphy) and kissed Cher for the first time on the stairs. In addition to his rugged good looks, he is also pre-law. How hot is that?

Source: Paramount

13. Andy Dwyer (Parks and Recreation)

Andy (Chris Pratt) may not know how to do laundry or dishes, and he has probably never vacuumed in his life, but who wouldn’t want to date this teddy bear who writes songs about how much he loves his girlfriend turned wife, April?

Source: NBC

12. Dylan McKay (Beverly Hills, 90210)

While some would argue that Brandon (Brendan Priestly) was the better boyfriend, he just didn’t have that bad boy streak that made him irresistible. Dylan’s (Luke Perry) devious smile and soft brown eyes kept girls tuned in every week.


11. Aidan Shaw (Sex and the City)

When it comes to boyfriends Aidan (John Corbett) is as good as it gets. The man can make furniture and a cabin with his bare hands. He is romantic, a business owner, and loves dogs. Clearly Carrie wanted the drama of Mr. Big instead of a genuine man like Aidan.

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10. Will Smith (Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

At first, Will Smith can come off as a goofball and player, but when he dates Lisa, he is sweet, funny, and puts her feelings first. He is also hilarious and keeps her laughing.

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9. Ryan Atwood (The O.C.)

Ryan (Ben McKenzie) stayed by Marisa (Mischa Barton) through her shoplifting and addiction problems and never gave up on her. He even saved her when she overdosed in Mexico. Yes, he has his flaws, but if given the chance, who wouldn’t date him?

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8. Nathan Scott (One Tree Hill)

When Nathan was Peyton’s boyfriend he was a horrible person, but all One Tree Hill fans can agree his relationship with Hailey is one of the best of any teen series ever. Nathan was nothing but loving and devoted every step of the way and watching him go from an awkward teenager and loyal boyfriend to an extremely handsome man and amazing husband and father meant we all wanted our own Nathan Scott.

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7. Blaine Anderson (Glee)

The man sings, dances, and is oh so fine. He is devoted to Kurt and defends him against all the haters. Who could resist saying yes to Blaine and walking down the aisle with him?

Adam Rose / © Fox / Courtesy: Everett Collection

6. Marshall Eriksen (How I Met Your Mother)

Not sure what they put in the water in Minnesota, but the state did raise one amazing boyfriend – Marshall Eriksen.  Even though it is torture, he lets Lilly go to pursue her dreams and rekindles their relationship when she comes back. He’s funny, ambitious and puts the needs of his family above his own. Who wouldn’t want that?

Source: CBS

5. Patrick Verona (10 Things I Hate About You)

Heath Ledger may be gone, but his movies live on. Patrick had that attractive accent from down under, and while he is not perfect (jury is still out on whether he ate a live duck), he performed unforgettable romantic stunts.


4. Dixon Wilson (90210)

Dixon (Tristan Wilds) has all the qualities teen girls are looking for. He’s smart, athletic, and passionate about music. He’s not afraid to tell girls the truth, like the time he informed Naomi that Ethan was cheating on her. He was also supportive and helpful to Silver when she needed him most.

Lisa Rose/©CW Network/courtesy Everett Collection

3. Kevin Arnold (The Wonder Years).

Young girls will always remember their first crush, and that cute boy who looked at them across the playground. Kevin (Fred Savage) adored Winnie and would do anything just to be near her. How could we ever forget him?


2. Mark Darcy (Bridget Jones’s Diary)

All women dream of an intelligent, good looking British man telling them he likes her just as she is. Who can forget when he broke up with Natasha and came back to London to be with Bridget and wrapped her in his coat as they made out in the snow!

Source: Universal Films

1. Jamie Fraser (Outlander)

If women could travel back in time to find the perfect boyfriend, they would all be going to eighteenth century Scotland to fall in love with Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan). He is a master with the sword and looks so manly wearing that kilt.

Neil Davidson/©Starz/courtesy Everett Collection
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