2016’s 7 Most Shocking Soap Opera Deaths

Published on December 21, 2016.

Nothing screams plot twist like an unexpected death! This past year soap operas were riddled with shocking deaths and many of them threw us for a loop. There were deaths as a result of murder, self-defense, a car crash and even an explosion — soap fans cried many tears this past year as they mourned the loss of some of their favorite characters. Losing a character is never an easy thing, as soap audiences grow attached to the people that enter their lives on television daily. While the storylines move on, today on Fame 10 we pay homage to the seven most shocking soap opera deaths in 2016.

7. Nikolas Cassadine – General Hospital

For those fans who love Nikolas Cassadine, or at least love to hate him, 2016 was definitely a roller coaster ride when it came to death for this character. Technically speaking, Nikolas “died” twice this year. He fell out of a window at Wyndemere this summer and faked his death, then he died again on Cassadine Island at the hands of Valentin. Is Nikolas gone for good? It seems he is just gone for now as the soap and the actor who played Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) were not able to reach an agreement to renew his contract. Alas, is any character ever really dead on a soap? Here’s to the potential that we shall see the Cassadine prince revived on the show and soon!

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6. Adam Newman – Young and the Restless

Adam’s death was shocking, but what was more shocking was Chloe Mitchell’s involvement in the entire thing. When trailers started popping up for the primetime show This is Us, with Justin Hartley smack dab in the middle of them, Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans knew it was only a matter of time before the handsome young actor would depart from the show. Y&R fans were at the edge of their seats for months wondering how this entire storyline would unfold. Alas, Adam was killed off and at the hands of a taunting Chloe, who shot him with a Taser gun and watched him suffer during his final moments before the cabin exploded. The bad news is Adam is gone. The good news? Even though we know Chloe was there until the very end, there is still a small chance that the show could recast a new Adam.

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5. Sabrina Santiago – General Hospital

The GH Serial Killer storyline rocked Port Charles in 2016, but thankfully not many prime characters fell victim to Paul Hornsby, except one. In September, the ever-popular Sabrina Santiago was murdered when she saved Monica Quartermaine and discovered D.A. Paul Hornsby was behind all the murders happening in the hospital. In an effort to save his own skin, Hornsby killed Sabrina and was then found by BFF Felix shortly after. The sad thing about this scenario is that there is very little chance that Sabrina will ever make a GH return as the murder made it all quite final.


4. Dr. Daniel Jonas – Days of Our Lives

It’s almost been 12 months, but Salem is still reeling from the death of Dr. Daniel Jonas. Thanks to a drunk driving accident, where an intoxicated Eric Brady took the wheel, Jonas passed away due to injuries. Forever the hero, before he died Jonas was also able to save BFF Brady Black, who was struggling with his life thanks to the very same incident. Alas, Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) fans bid a sad goodbye to their favorite doctor and Nicole, Maggie, Melanie, as well as other DOOL characters mourned the loss of an incredible Salem resident.

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3. Morgan Corinthos – General Hospital

More recently, Port Chuckles is still mourning the death of Morgan Corinthos, the offspring to mob boss Sonny and the love of his life, Carly. While the details are still unravelling about what really happened, the meat and potatoes is: Morgan, losing his mind since he was on the wrong medication (which Ava had taken), went on a joy ride to end his life. While Jason tried to stop him, following Morgan’s car (which was really Julian Jerome’s), the vehicle ended up exploding while Morgan was near it – before Jason could save him. The incident was devastating and almost tore Carly and Sonny apart for good … almost. While Carly did back away from Sonny and turn to Jax for a small bit, the two seem to have come back together to grieve the loss of their son. Things seem peachy between Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos …


2. Sage Newman – Young and the Restless

Sage Newman’s death was not only shocking, but heartbreaking as well. The character had been through so much in 2015 and 2016; it seemed like her ‘happy ending’ was finally within reach. Learning that Baby Sully was actually her son Christian, Sage desperately was trying to make it to Nick to tell him the good news. Alas, a car accident prohibited her in doing so, and Sage died on the side of the road, holding he baby boy for the last one last, tearful moment. There wasn’t a dry eye in any Y&R viewers’ homes that day when fans said goodbye to Sage Newman.

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1. Stefano DiMera – Days of Our Lives

The death of Stefano not only signified the dying of a character, it was the end of an era in Salem. At the beginning of 2016, a distraught Hope sought out revenge for the death of her soul mate Bo and then found herself in a sticky situation. After Stefano taunted the lady, she drew a gun and shot the legendary villain three times. Hope shocked herself and all the fans watching at home. The death of Stefano became a never-ending storyline on the show as news of the passing came to be in Salem and Hope tried to cover up her involvement in the whole thing. What was even more sad was that the incredible actor who played the iconic character recently passed away as well. As much as fans were shocked at the loss of Stefano, the soap opera world now mourns the real loss of Joseph Mascolo. The talented 87-year-old actor died of Alzheimer’s disease on December 7th.

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