5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (April 3)

Published on April 3, 2017.

It’s going to be a crazy week in Port Charles! Liz says no to Franco, Anna shows Valentin compassion, and Ava is freaking out about Morgan’s pills! Want to learn more? Read on to find out more about the shenanigans that will occur this week on General Hospital (GH) in the spoilers for the week of April 3.

5. Liz Rejects Franco’s Proposal

While Liz rejects Franco’s proposal this week, she does find a way to show him that she still wants to be with him, despite the fact that she is not ready to dive into that type of commitment. She gets a little creative when it comes to showing him she still cares. Liz is also busy with her sister this week, as Hayden is struggling to help Finn deal with his addiction. It seems Finn may be losing this fight.


4. Anna’s Evil Twin

Anna digs to find answers about the passionate night she shared with Valentin. Turns out it just might be evil twin Alex that Valentin is referring to, not Anna, and Anna surprises Valentin with some compassion. She feels terrible about what has happened to him because even though it wasn’t her that seduced him, it was someone that looked like her that ended what could have been an incredible WSB career for Valentin and turned him into something he shouldn’t have been. Valentin is floored when Anna relays this to him.

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3. Ladies Trip To Turkey?

Laura and Tracy head to Turkey on a Q quest. Tracy and Laura deep conversation together this week, but also come across something quite shocking. It’s no secret that Jane Elliot is leaving GH and that Anthony Geary (the actor who plays Luke Spencer) was recently on the set for her farewell party. Does this mean that Laura and Tracy will stumble across Luke? Regardless, Tracy is looking for answers in Turkey this week … but she will also be given a warning.

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2. Jax’s Back!

Jasper Jax will stroll back into Port Charles this week and seems to have some shocking news about Josslyn’s kidney transplant. Carly is upset when she learns the truth and has a lot of mied emotions. Meanwhile Sonny is shocked and angry at Carly’s ex-husband, which is a terrible mix when it comes Corinthos. Nelle realizes something and what she follows through, it will affect a lot of others in Port Charles. Carly forgives someone this week, but GH spoilers won’t indicate if that is Nelle, Jax, or Sonny … Carly is upset with many people lately. She may forgive all of them or be choosey. She has that right — she’s been through a lot lately.

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1. Is Julian Alive?

Sam thinks Julian may still be alive and calls upon Curtis for investigative help. Alexis apologizes for falling off the wagon (again). Meanwhile, Dante is the officer in charge of the Floating Rib robbery and finds his brother’s pills in pile of investigation items. Ava panics and turns to Scotty for help. She also lashes out at daughter Kiki when the stress about Morgan’s pills being with the police overwhelms her.

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General Hospital’s Underwhelming Moments

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