5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (December 12)

Published on December 12, 2016.

Calling on General Hospital (GH) fans! As we head closer to the holidays, GH continues to heat up and this is a week you won’t want to miss! Learn more about what Jason does when finds out about Sonny and Nelle, how Lulu will react to Charlotte, and if Hayden will ever get better in the GH spoilers for the week of December 12th.

5. Sonny Confessing To Jason

Sonny and Jason get into a heated conversation when the mobster reveals to his former BFF that he had a one-night stand with Nelle. The two go at it and Jason informs Sonny that he is going straight to Carly with the news. Alas, he decides to refrain from this, but Jason is upset. Speaking of Carly, she’s off doing something nice for holidays and spoilers are teasing it has to with Nelle. While this is all happening, Nelle and Michael get even closer this week.

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4. Bomber Case Continues

Jason also continues to work on the bomb case with new ally Curtis. Thanks to some emerging clues, they find themselves in a dark and dangerous place as they search for more answers. Spoilers indicate that there is a new enemy in Port Charles — one that is the person behind Morgan’s death and other things that are going on in and around town.

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3. Franco And Kiki Try And Trap Tom

Kiki and Franco come up with a plan to trap Tom Baker this week. Kiki is used as bait to lure Tom, and Franco is able to confine and lock the ex-convict in a dog cage. Clearly Tom is still the scum he once was and Franco scares the man to his very core and then releases him. Meanwhile Liz has a heart-to-heart conversation with Griffin about her relationship with Franco. She cares for him, but he also scares her. In fact, Liz tells Franco to leave Tom be this week, but it seems like Franco won’t stop even after this caging fiasco. Future spoilers indicate that Franco’s antics will results in Liz running into Griffin’s arms as a result.

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2. Lulu … You ARE The Mother

Valentin finally confesses to Lulu that Charlotte is their child. Shocked, Laura offers Lulu some advice. Everyone is taken aback by the news and Dante seems uneasy about the entire situation. Nina seems uneasy too. Lulu gets a mommy-daughter day with Charlotte and Valentin’s new girlfriend doesn’t like how everything has changed all of a sudden. She wants Valentin to keep Lulu at arms’ length. Meanwhile a song offers a flashback for Anna when it comes to Valentin and  her past.


1. More Spoilers!

Jordan pays a visit to Julian and gives him some information when it comes to two crimes on him. Sadly, after the talk Julian is left more perplexed than ever. Ava also pushes her brother to cut Alexis loose, but he refuses. Meanwhile Max is pulling out all the stops to find out the gender of baby JaSam. She’s in charge of the baby shower and wants to know if it will be a boy or girl. Will she go as far as snagging that envelope from the couple? Maxie spends time with mom Felicia this week and talks about her guilt. Last but not least, Hayden is dying this week and Finn fights to do anything and everything to save her.

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