5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (January 9)

Published on January 9, 2017.

Now that the holidays are over, it may seem as if life might be getting a little dull — unless you live in Port Charles! Things continue to heat up on General Hospital (GH) and this week is no exception. Learn more about Alexis, Franco, Lulu, Charlotte, Valentine, Nina, Anna and others, in the GH spoilers for the week of January 9th.

5. Will Maxi And Nathan Finally Walk Down The Aisle?

All Nathan wants to do is marry Maxie and it seems that, while at the beginning of the week this may seem impossible, by the end, these two love birds might be saying ‘I do’. They head out of Port Charles with one goal in mind: find Claudette so they can finally get hitched. Spoilers indicate they return to town with some surprising new information. Damien Spinelli returns this week, with a different face, as Blake Berris is recast to play the incredible character. It seems that Nathan and Maxie will finally be given the go ahead to wed and Spinelli will officiate the ceremony.

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4. Mr. And Mrs. Cassadine

Nina and Valentine celebrate their little family of three by taking Charlotte, who is over the moon with new step-mom Nina, on an outing. Lulu is not too happy about this new arrangement. She wants Charlotte to know that she is her real mom and she, along with Dante, visit the Cassadine mansion with demands on Valentin to tell the little girl the truth. Sadly, Charlotte continues to back away from bonding with Lulu. On another Cassadine note, Anna continues to mull the pieces of recovered memory regarding Valentin in mind, but can’t bring them all together to make any sense. She has a confrontation with Valentin this week.

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3. Dad And Son Team up

Scotty and Franco partner up to uncover the real culprit behind the Tom Baker murder case in order to save Franco’s skin. Sadly, additional information comes to the surface this week that points to Franco as the murderer. Good news is, Franco and Scotty are quite close to solving all of this. So much so that the real murderer strikes Franco on the head as he tries to detour him from finding out the truth. Franco confesses more to Liz, and Kiki learns what he did to Tom (dog cage and all). Liz and Kiki team up to help Franco out and find out the truth. Sam suspects Ava has her hands in a plot by the new mobster. Nearing week’s end, Winston Rudge hires someone to get “rid” of Jason.

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2. Julexis Drama

Speaking of the Tom Baker murder case, Alexis continues to wonder if she killed the man. She has a drinking crisis and realizes she can’t stop this addiction. Julian stresses that she needs to stop drinking. On a sad note, Sam has a scare this week as she ends up in a dangerous situation while Jason investigates the bomb scare. Jason is scared he could lose Sam, but the baby ends up being okay. The good news is Alexis is scared straight, so to speak, and gives Alcoholic’s Anonymous a chance. Julian tries to be there for Alexis, but she turns him down.

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1. More Spoilers

Determined to not let anything ruin this new chance he has with Carly, Sonny tells Nelle that he wants to come clean to his wife about their one-night stand. Nelle feels like she might be in over her head. Good news, Hamilton Finn is cured! He and Hayden are finally healthy and ready to dive into the future together this week. Except, Finn seems to be hiding a secret: he’s been taking Zekenestrol for many years now to battle his illness and he has an addiction to the drug … something he is currently trying to keep from Hayden.

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