5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (July 31)

Published on July 31, 2017.

Smack in the middle of summer and Port Charles is full of drama. This week, Jason will worry about Scout and Sam; Carly and Josslyn worry about Sonny’s disappearance; and Sonny struggles for his life. Learn about these stories and others, in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of July 31st:

5. Jason Worries About His Family

Sam and Scout will be the center of Jason’s worries this week. Sam’s condition will worsen and Jason will fret about what will happen to his family and if Sam will ever get better. While Sam won’t be able to remember where she is or what she did, or even have a grasp on reality at all, Jason will eventually start to piece things together, and the story around what Sam did to Sonny will begin to unfold.

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4. Carly Worries

Seems like everyone in Port Charles is stressing this week, and Carly will take it out on the PC police department. Carly won’t really know what to do about Sonny’s disappearance and will lash out at Jordan around how the police have handled Sonny’s disappearance case. She’s not sure how to go on without Sonny, and Port Charles’ finest will pay for her worries.

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3. Life & Death

Sonny will slip between life and death during his episodes this week on GH. Good news for fans of this character — he’ll decide to choose life, not wanting to leave his loved ones behind. Meanwhile Oscar will stand by Josslyn this week as she worries about the disappearance of her stepdad Sonny.

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2. Ava’s Hero?

Ava tries to get her act together and struggles this week as well. Brother Julian let’s her know he’s there to support her. In fact, he’ll have some surprises up his sleeve to help put her in a good mood. Still, Valentin might be the one to really provide her a boost. He offers something to Ava that may lift her spirits, but she’ll need to give something in return. Speaking of Valentin, he gets into a scuffle at Wyndemere thanks to an intruder. The faceoff will be crazy, but Valentin will come out on top.

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1. Other GH Spoilers

GH spoilers are indicating Nina will have to defend her actions in a heated conversation and deal with some questions about Valentin. She’s still struggling with what has happened and clearly still loves the Cassadine. Could it be brother Nathan who is questioning her? You need to tune in to find out! Nelle will get a present, but might want to be careful before opening and Bobbie and Carly are still feel a little vengeful when it comes to the so-called nanny.

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