5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (November 16)

Published on November 16, 2015. Updated January 7, 2016

Almost everyone in Port Charles now knows that Jake Doe is in fact Jason Morgan, and the town will be feeling the after effects of this bombshell. Will the truth behind Liz’s secret be revealed? Read on General Hospital (GH) fans, read on!

5. Jason Is Still On A Mission

Sam and Jason share an intimate moment, but will this help Jason to remember the love they shared? Still, despite the fact that he knows who he is, Jason wants to find out more. He turns to an old friend, Damien Spinelli, to help him fill in the gaps with his memory. As expected, Liz and Sam are at odds, with Liz confronting Sam about what her intentions are with Jason — and things get pretty heated between these two ladies. Is anyone surprised?


4. Will Liz’s Secret Be Exposed?

In his pursuit to find out more about his past, Jason ends up at Cassadine Island…will he find out that Liz and Nikolas had been trying to cover up his identity all along? Who will be the one to spill the bean? Hayden? Helena Cassadine? Little Jake? Or Robin Scorpio?

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3. Robin Makes An Appearance

A captive Robin calls Patrick, and he tells her the good news about Jason. She feels great about this news and debates telling Patrick the real reason she left. However, before she does so, a threat on her daughter Emma is dangled in front of her. Emma goes through a scary experience this week.

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2. Morgan Becomes A Cause For Concern

Even though he’s been warned against the family business, Morgan puts an offer out to Sonny, that might be too tempting for the mob boss to pass up. Morgan then gets Kiki all pumped up to apply for a job, and after tries to convince her to run away with him. Carly grows even more concerned with Morgan’s actions after these recent incidents. Something sets Morgan off in a big way by the end of the week. Meanwhile Sonny works hard on his physical therapy with trainer Epiphany.


1. More Spoilers!

Nathan begins to investigate Carly’s accident and Kiki is protected by Franco. A guilt-ridden Anna pays another visit to Dr. Maddox. Then, Hayden continues her pursuit to find out who shot her, so she meets with a mysterious partner. Lulu misreads and email from Valerie and approaches Olivia for advice. Nina gets a makeover from Maxie to help with her new job at Crimson because Nina feels intimidated in her new work environment. Ava and Paul continue to grow closer this week on GH.

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