5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (November 2)

Published on November 2, 2015. Updated January 7, 2016

It’s a brand new month, filled with new drama, romance and suspense for daytime audiences. Wondering what will happen in the world of Port Charles this week? Wonder no longer… below is a teaser of what’s in store on General Hospital (GH) for the week of November 2.

5. Port Charles Prepares For the Doe/Webber Wedding

As Liz and Jake`s wedding approaches, Patrick continues to be a good friend to Liz, talking with her about the big day. Meanwhile Sam and Jake continue the investigation on finding out his true identity. In an interesting turn of events, Jake experiences a feeling of déjà vu with Elizabeth. Despite the fact that Laura still has concerns about Jake and Liz getting married, Nikolas is able to turn to her to keep that secret under wraps.

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4. Hayden Gets On Everyone’s Last Nerve

Suspicious about her interest in going to his wedding, Jake questions Hayden’s intentions. While family and friends gather at the church, Hayden ensures she gets a peak at the bride before she walks down the aisle to have a chat with her. But what is Hayden Elizabeth’s biggest concern when it comes to spilling the beans about Jake’s real identity?


3. Will Carly Save The Day?

Thanks to the facial recognition software that Spinelli had, Carly is the one to discover Jake’s real identity. She proceeds to get a DNA test and is shocked by the confirmation. Unfortunately, as she rushes to find Jake and tell him the truth, she puts herself in danger. Carly’s family (Sonny, Morgan and Michael) start to worry about where she is and Jake goes to look for her. Will Carly be able to stop his wedding to Liz in time?

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2. A Deception Revealed

Lulu is devastated when she finds out about Dante and Valerie’s affair. So much so, she lashes out on Dante. Unfortunately, Lulu not only has to come to terms with Dante’s affair, but also the fact that her friends (Dillon and Nathan) knew about the affair and didn’t tell her – not to mention the fact that the ‘other woman’ was someone she knew and trusted.

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1. More Spoilers!

Sam and Patrick share some quality family time together with their kids, while Ric helps Sonny with his custody hearing, and Scott provides advice to Ava. Paul also gives Ava some advice when it comes to dealing Sonny and Anna is introduced to her new doctor. Lastly, a new character debuts on General Hospital! Anna (and GH fans) will meet Dr. Andre Maddox (played by Anthony Montgomery).

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