5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (November 27)

Published on November 27, 2017.

Is everyone ready to find out which Jason is the real Jason? Seems like we might be getting closer to the truth this week on General Hospital (GH). Learn more about what the two Jasons will be up to, as well as stories on Sam, Nina, Ava, and more in the GH spoilers for the week of November 27th.

5. Andre Comes Face-To-Face With Past

Andre has been running from his past for a while now, but Curtis and Jordan will be instrumental in exposing him this week. In fact, Jordan will ask some hard questions to get some clear-cut answers from Andre. How honest will Andre be? GH spoilers are hinting that his answers will help to bring Patient Six and Jason some closure. In related news, Franco considers coming forth with what he knows this week.

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4. Will The Real Jason Morgan Please Stand Up

Curtis and Jordan will report back with what they have learned, but Jason still worries quite a bit this week. In his mind, he is the real Jason Morgan, but that doesn’t stop him from concerns around losing his family and Sam. Jason remains focused on keeping them safe, but the news that Jordan and Curtis come back with might change all that. GH spoilers are hinting that Jason will learn he’s Drew this week. Still, fans are encouraged to stay tuned. This storyline seems to have many twists and turns.

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3. Nina Speaks Her Mind

Nina and Sam will have a spat this week, but when she speaks her mind the advice she gives Sam will help. Seems like Nina may push Sam regarding the whole Jason Morgan dilemma. While Sam may initially be annoyed by Nina, what she says may be able to help Sam prepare for the road ahead. Later, Alexis’ plan backfires and then she runs into Dr. Bensch.

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2. Griffin Saves The Day

Ava and Griffin will deal with conflict. Kiki will say something she shouldn’t, and he’ll get a huge hint as to what Ava is up to and where she is. Griffin will race to save the day. He’ll show up right before her risky operation is set to go and help her avoid disaster. Here’s hoping these two lovebirds can reconnect after all this is over.

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1. More Spoilers!

Sonny will confront Dr. Obrecht and is looking to see if she had anything to do with the Russian clinic Patient Six spent time in. Interestingly enough, he won’t get the answers he’s looking for. In other GH spoilers, Valentin is blindsided. Could this be Cassandra? Either way, he’ll have to be on his toes to ensure that his plan stays on track. Speaking of plan, Finn has one too this week and will fill Anna in, hoping she won’t try and hinder what he has up his sleeve.

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