5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (November 28)

Published on November 28, 2016.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! As Port Charles residents move away from Thanksgiving celebrations, they move that much closer to drama. Tom Baker seems to be here to stay, Nelle continues scheming, Jax says buh-bye, Ava makes a desperate move, and Alexis’ drinking hits an all-time low. Learn more about these storylines and much more in the GH spoilers for the week of November 28th.

5. Liz Sees Tom

Tom shows up while Liz is working and she jumps out of her skin. Franco sees all this and gives Tom a beatdown that Dr. Griffin has to break up. Griffin and Liz have a heart-to-heart about the entire ordeal. Meanwhile, Franco goes after Tom to see what he is up to. Franco then visits mommy dearest, Heather Webber, and asks her for some advice on what to do about Tom. This should be interesting …


4. Nelle’s Up To No Good (As Usual)

No surprise here, Nelle runs to Sonny to tell him about the lip lock between Carly and Jax this week. Sonny loses his mind. While Carly is torn between Jax and Sonny, Jax decides he needs to leave Port Charles. Carly does come clean to Sonny about the kiss she had with Jax and Nelle is struck with some guilt over the games she’s been playing with everyone, but still proceeds to scheme. In an interesting turn of events, Nelle’s scheming is hindered this week because of some changes Carly makes. Could Carly be ready to move back to the Corinthos mansion? Ava is hoping that Sonny’s recent arrest can help her get Avery back (and away from Sonny) for good. She asks Scotty to open the custody case again and Ava believes there is no way she can get caught for switching Morgan’s meds since Scotty ensured to replace lithium to that bottle.

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3. Alexis Leaves Crime Scene

An emotional Alexis dials 9-1-1 to help Julian, but leaves the scene shortly after. The last thing she wants to do is get arrested for this. Julian is taken to the hospital and Nurse Bobbie is back to work, so there is a good chance that she’ll be the one to help Jerome when he comes into the ER. If anyone is wondering, Julian comes out of this entire scenario and tells Jordan and Valerie lies when it comes to what happened. Julian then calls Alexis, she runs to the hospital to see him, and realizes now she is under his control – as he can incriminate her at anytime because of what has just gone down.

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2. Valentin Lures Nina In

Valentin has no qualms about using his sweet little daughter Charlotte to lure Nina into his life. Nathan and Maxie worry about her getting closer to Cassadine, but she does seem happy. Meanwhile, Anna has an ah-ha moment and remembers why the Latin phrase that Valentin whispered to her seems so familiar. She approaches him about it this week.

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1. Other Port Charles Drama

Jordan asks Andre why he was screening phone calls from Curtis. Andre is done with Curtis and Jordan’s dynamic and he may be bowing out of the situation soon. Dr. Finn is panicked this week as he comes to the conclusion that Hayden has the same condition he has. He jumps onto his research to help her and is desperate not to lose her. Laura forgives and forgets and takes her relationship with Kevin to the next level. Jason compares bomber case notes with Curtis and the two decide on what to do next. Clearly this bromance is heating up. Dillon ties to cheer Kiki up, as she is still dealing with the guilt over Morgan’s death.

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