5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (September 11)

Published on September 11, 2017.

One week to go until Steve Burton makes his grand return back to General Hospital (GH)! What will happen? Well, Griffin worries about Ava; Carly gives Michael the dirt on Nelle; and Sam and Carly fight over Jason’s care. So much going on in the land of Port Charles! Learn about these stories and more in the GH spoilers for the week of September 11th.

5. Griffin Worries About Ava

With his recent rejection, Griffin worries that Ava has fallen deeper into the darkness. She’ll refuse to stay in contact with him, but that is also because she’ll be preoccupied with trying to reinvent herself. GH spoilers indicate she’ll also gain a new ally this week, one that might be trouble. Valentin is already helping her out, but for a price…could this be him or someone else?

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4. Kiki Will Join Griffin

Meanwhile, Kiki won’t be given any information by Ava, but she’ll tell Griffin anything that she knows. The two will fret about Ava together, but won’t be able to reach her. While at some point Ava surely will restore her appearance, it may be that she starts the ball rolling this week. Still, this will be the week that Griffin realizes he has ‘more than just friends’ feelings for Ava.

3. The Corinthos Clan

This week Carly will tell Michael what Bobbie found out about Nelle. Michael’s reaction? It’ll simply cause conflict between Michael and his mom. Michael sees this as Carly trying to ruin his relationship with Nelle and he won’t believe for one moment that Nelle murdered anyone. Meanwhile, Sonny works hard to protect those he loves. This might mean diving into mob violence again.


2. Sam’s A Mess

Sam will be in a terrible this state thanks to Jason’s coma. She’ll also fight with Carly over care and medical decisions. During this struggle, she will say something incriminating and it seems like Sonny’s shooting hasn’t blown over in the least. Despite being a mess she will also face a threat this week. GH spoilers tease a mob retaliation linked to Franco’s current storyline that might also be connected to Steve Burton’s return. As Franco searches for answers all he will get is more confusion, which will cause frustration for him.


1. Man Landers Strikes Again

Nathan is not done being Man Landers in the least and he’ll come to this conclusion this week. Amy will get him back into the role thanks to another crisis. Meanwhile, Maxie deals with issues at Crimson. While she wants to work with Nina again on the magazine, she’ll end up getting on Nina’s bad side, which is not the way to get back to the job of your dreams!

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