5 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (August 8)

Published on August 8, 2016.

This week’s spoilers for The Young and the Restless (Y&R) reveal a very busy Jill working double duty to reunite Vicky and Billy – and keep Phyllis and Jack together. Chloe tries to make a huge confession, Summer starts making wedding plans, and Victor and Phyllis join forces. Learn about these storylines and more in the Y&R spoilers for the week of August 8.

5. Jill Continues To Play Cupid

Jill’s plan to get Victoria working at Brash & Sassy works this week. While Cane is a bit shocked, Vicky and Billy know exactly what Jill is up to and align together to make this project work despite Jill’s expectations. Will things go downhill for these two if Travis returns? Only time will tell. Regardless, Jill continues to play the role of cupid, asking Phyllis (well, telling her) to get off the charity board and to distance herself from Billy. Jack turns to Jill this week, regarding the issues in his marriage – which is keeping Jill on her toes as she continues to work overtime, lying and scheming to keep two longtime Genoa City couples together.

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4. Here Comes The Bride

Luca pays a visit to Victor letting him know about the pending wedding he will have with Summer. Victor makes it clear to him that marrying Summer does not mean that Luca now has an open invite to join Newman. Excited about her wedding, Summer starts planning and turns to Sharon and Chelsea for advice. They both remind her that Victor has a way of meddling in relationships. Still, Summer tells Phyllis about her engagement which sets Phyllis off. She does something no one sees coming: she aligns with Victor to break Summer’s engagement and rid Luca from her daughter’s life. The plan is set in motion when Victor informs his granddaughter that he supports her wedding to Luca.


3. Chloe Versus Victor

Victor approaches Chloe about going to see Adam in jail. Chloe tells Victor (again) that she burned those diary entries, but Victor doesn’t seem convinced. In fact, he seems to be losing his patience with her. During this conversation, Dylan spots the two in the park, which confirms what he has been thinking all along: that Chloe was Victor’s co-conspirator. Dylan approaches Sharon and Paul on this, but Dylan’s dad thinks that he should walk away from the investigation. On the other side of the coin, Chelsea is blinded by her plan thanks to Chloe’s plight and Adam is frustrated that Chelsea is losing sight of the bigger picture. Meanwhile, Chloe informs Chelsea that she has something to confess and that she’s made a big mistake. While it seems to be leading up to telling her friend about Adam’s set up, it will probably be about finding a new, long-term solution when it comes to Chloe’s housing situation.


2. Neil Hiding Something

When Mattie and Charlie have a project at school that revolves around family, Lily goes to Neil about his parents and family tree. Neil immediately shuts the idea down, saying that the children’s family in Genoa City is all that they need. Lily persists, but Neil gets stressed out by the conversation. This could be leading into a new storyline for the Winters’ clan. Neil is clearly hiding something.


1. More Spoilers!

Nick is worried that Victor will axe him from Newman Enterprises and shares this concern with him. Victor pretends that he is not bothered by Vicky leaving the company, but it does secretly hurt him. In the end, Victor would like Adam by his side. Kevin decides he wants Chloe back and garners Mariah’s help when it comes to winning over the affections of his ex. While Mariah gives it her best, it doesn’t go as planned. As the week progresses, Mariah turns to mom Sharon and makes a confession.

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