5 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (May 2)

Published on May 2, 2016.

Attention Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! Want to know what is in store this week, when it comes to your favorite soap opera? Well wait no longer! Learn more about how the residents of Genoa City handle the loss of one of their own and if people will connect the dots as it relates to Baby Christian/Baby Sully, in the Y&R spoilers for the week of May 2nd.

5. Saying Goodbye To Sage

As Nick is grieving the sudden death of his wife, he turns to Sharon when it comes to Sage’s final words. Will Sharon fess up about the true identity of Sully? The answer is no. While she does feel quite guilty this week, she makes a judgement call and decides it is better for Christian to remain Sully, with two parents instead of one. They also break the news to Faith who struggles with the idea and worries about Nick leaving her too.

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4. Sage’s Cryptic Message

Adam too is reeling from the news of Sage’s death. He discovers that she left him a weird message on his phone before she died. He shares it with Chelsea and they ponder the meaning behind the voice mail. They aren’t the only ones that discover Sage’s message as Dylan has questions around why Sage sent Adam a voice mail right before she ran off the road. Adam lies to Dylan and tells him it was about work and for Chelsea.

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3. Summer Makes A Stand For Luca

Summer tries to convince Victoria to hire Luca this week at Newman. Vicky refuses and Summer gets frustrated with her family constantly disrespecting her boyfriend. She then decides to leave Newman and Luca convinces her against this.

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2. Billy Crosses The Line

Billy makes a play for his brother’s wife and while Phyllis is tempted a bit, she denies him. Phyllis wants Billy back with Vicky, but it seems Victoria is having fun on the other side of Genoa City’s tracks with new friend Travis — a good looking bartender she does some tequila shots with.

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1. More Spoilers!

Tensions rise when Jack and Victor have a conversation about Brash and Sassy, and how Billy snagged it from Newman. Abby is convinced Max had something to do with her fall while Ashley is upset about Hilary, and the press conference where she threw Dr. Neville and herself under the bus. Marissa and Noah are back in town and help Nick with the grieving process — however, they don’t stay home for long.

Source: soaps.sheknows.com
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