5 Young and the Restless Spoilers For The Week (October 19)

Published on October 19, 2015. Updated January 7, 2016

Genoa City is a buzz this next week with drama, passion, and family betrayal. Curious about what’s on deck this week for your favorite Young and the Restless (Y&R) characters? Read on for all the spoilers for the week of October 19th:

5. Is Cane Behaving?

Apparently Cane gets quite close to someone who fans may not expect the Aussie hunk to get close to. It’s definitely not Lily… could he be cheating on his wife?

Howard Wise/JPI

4. Hilary’s Disappearance Saga Continues

Devon grows more desperate in his attempts to get Hilary back home and ends up getting into a huge argument with Lily. Meanwhile, Lily is puzzled to find ransom money at her house. She informs Dylan of this immediately. Dylan seems to now think that two people may be involved in Hilary’s disappearance, where one is the actual kidnapper with the other simply trying to get money off of Devon.


3. Michael Helps Adam

Michael continues to try and help prove Adam’s innocence. He even goes the extra mile, by telling Chelsea that she may still be in love with Adam, and encourages her to let Adam know of her true feelings. Meanwhile Kevin is not too keen on the idea that Michael is Adam’s attorney.


2. Adam’s Trial

Adam’s trial begins, and many residents come together to watch it unfold. As such, Chelsea realizes not many people are rooting for Adam, which disturbs her quite a bit. Alas, Adam does not show up to court, giving the impression that he may have left town. However, he does finally show, and he faces his verdict.


1. More Spoilers!

Victor goes looking to Adam for answers and continues to tell Noah how he disapproves of his relationship with Marisa. Then, Luca tries to persuade Marisa while Nikki attempts to get a hold of Neil. Billy opens up with a confession, and Patty continues to push Sharon. Sounds like this week will be a little over the edge! Finally, Ashley wonders about Jack’s loyalties.

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