5 Young And The Restless Spoilers (June 12)

Published on June 12, 2017.

Schemes unravel, love blossoms, and sexual harassment scandals blow up! This is a week Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans won’t want to miss! Learn more about Kevin, Scott, Sharon, Jack, Nikki, Juliet, Cane and Vicky in the Y&R spoilers for the week of June 12th.

5. Kevin’s Scheme

Kevin is in hot pursuit of his scheme and not letting go. This week Y&R spoilers indicate that he has a confrontation with Dr. Harris, letting him know that he refuses to leave without Chloe. Chloe and the good doctor do the best they can to keep Victor’s involvement a secret. Big question is will they be able to deflect Kevin?

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4. Scott & Sharon

Scott takes on more at Newman and he is over the moon when Victor requests that he help out with a digital media company initiative. The deal is amazing, but Scott has work ahead. Scotty is happy that the project is both rewarding and challenging. As great as his work life is going, Scott’s love life will take center stage this week. Sharon and Scotty take their couple status to a new level, enjoying a nice evening at Sharon’s. Talking will turn into some action between the sheets and the two will have a fun morning together when breakfast hits.


3. Billy & Phyllis

Phyllis and Billy are riding a nice wave right now too. Their plans to move in together are unrolled this week and Billy Boy might also have thoughts about heading to the alter with Red, before Y&R fans know it. It may seem a little rushed, but these two have a history together and share a ton of chemistry too.


2. Jack Has Mommy Issues

Jack has to deal with Momma Dina’s decision this week. While she lets him know she does care for him, he’s saddened that she plans on leaving the little town. Jack turns to Nikki for a shoulder to cry on. It seems these two are getting closer and will continue to get closer as the weeks go by. It seems Jack’s mom may change her mind. She does let Graham know that she doesn’t want to leave Genoa City and he won’t be happy, but Dina will get her way. She simply doesn’t want to leave her family high and dry again, and is keeping a secret from them, one that will be revealed soon enough.


1. Cane Drama

The Cane/Juliet sexual harassment case (and one-night stand) will hit a peak this week as everything is blown out of the water. Cane will have a face off with Vicky where she hints that there is a chance that he is guilty, and Cane will lose it. The situation will totally spiral out of control as we head into the summer months.


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