Young And The Restless Couples We Want To See Back Together

Published on January 30, 2020.

In the land of daytime soaps, couples get together, only to apart. New characters, conflicts, career aspirations, affairs, and so much more can create a wedge in any perfect relationship when it comes to the love lives of our beloved soap opera favorites. No matter how perfect a relationship may seem in the land of Genoa City, there are many twosomes on the Young and the Restless (Y&R) who just couldn’t get things to work in the love department. Below is a list of Y&R couples who could use a second (or third) chance at love.

12. Chance and Chloe

Yes, Chloe is seemingly enjoying her “happily ever after” with Kevin right now, and with their family growing from three to four, most fans don’t want to see this couple break up anytime soon. However, this is the land of soaps, and if Kevin were to skip town and Chloe suddenly became single, the idea of a reunion with Chance Chancellor could be a good thing. It would be especially interesting to see these two reconnect, with Chance being played by a different actor from when the two originally had a romance.

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11. Scott and Abby

Who misses Scott Grainger? He had an incredibly interesting storyline that brought him back to Genoa City in early 2017, but for whatever reason, he was written off the canvas about a year later. While he dove into a romance with Sharon, in the end, it was chemistry between him and Abby that seemed to heat up daytime screens. While they never truly got to explore a bona fide relationship, if he returned to town, most fans would love to see these two come back together.

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10. Dylan and Sharon

Speaking of Sharon (and possible returns), while she has had communication issues in the past with other relationships, one man that truly “got” her was Dylan McAvoy. Despite lying about Baby Sully, and some of the other secrets she kept during their marriage, Dylan seemed to always understand where she was coming from. While he’s left Genoa City, most Y&R fans can agree that Dylan was one of the better relationships Sharon’s had, and if he were to return, a reunion between the two would be fantastic.

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9. Jack and Phyllis

There have been very few women to truly wow Jack Abbott over the years, and since his relationship with Phyllis fizzled some time ago, he’s hit a lull in the relationship department. Is it that he’s a complicated guy? Too distinguished for most women in Genoa City? Or is it that he never really got over Red? Whether friends or lovers, these two always garner sparks on daytime screens.

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8. Billy and Phyllis

The reason it didn’t work out the last time between Jack and Phyllis was all thanks to the affair Summers had with his brother Billy. While most fans would agree that the Philly pairing wasn’t their favorite, a reunion would be interesting now that actress Michelle Stafford is back in the role. It would add an entirely new level of chemistry to the relationship, making something old new again.

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7. Billy and Chelsea

Chelsea and Billy have a long and interesting history together. When Lawson first came to town, the two were at odds, but over the years they’ve become friends and even shared a relationship for a brief moment in time. While it didn’t last long, with Billy’s character evolving and being recast since their relationship, a reunion between these two would be cool, especially if the truth about Johnny’s real mom came into play within the storyline.

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6. Adam and Sharon

Yes, Adam and Sharon are toxic together; however, the chemistry between them is undeniable! Plus, their relationships have always made things much more interesting in the land of Genoa City! While no fan wants to see Sharon and Rey break up, watching Shadam reunite is like staring at a car accident on the side of the road — you don’t like the idea of what has happened, but you can’t stop from looking while you drive by.

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5. Kyle and Summer

Kola fans may show their dismay, but there’s something enticing about a Summer and Kyle reunion. Maybe it’s because the characters share such a long history together – from childhood buddies to first loves. It could also be the endearing fact that Summer can’t shake her obsession with Kyle no matter how much he pushes her away. Regardless, while Kola does make a strong couple, there something about the sparks that fly between Kyle and Summer, even after all these years!

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4. Tucker and Ashley

While Ashley only comes to Genoa City here and there, and Tucker is a character no longer shown onscreen, fans of this relationship can have some hope that these two many reunite … someday! They made a fantastic couple, and McCall was one of the very few men who could really match wits and business savvy with Abbott.

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3. Cane and Lily

Much like Tucker and Ash, a reunion between Cane and Lily seems unlikely at this point in time since Ashby is out of the Genoa City picture, and Winters is only onscreen now and again. However, things change quickly in the land of the Y&R, and there are many viewers that are still pulling for a romantic reunion between one of the top super couples in the show’s history.

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2. Phyllis Summers and Nick Newman

Nick Newman and Phyllis Summers first came together back in 2005 when Nick cheated on then-wife, Sharon. The feisty and unpredictable Phyllis seemed like the perfect match for the toned-down “good guy next door” Nick. They had a baby together, started a magazine, and lived in marital bliss for many years, playing video games, matching wits, and dealing with the constant drama that was brought forth by Nick’s infamous family (The Newmans), as well as his ex-wife, Sharon. While they have been on-and-off-again over the years, with actress (and OG Phyllis) Michelle Stafford back in the role, could fans be witness to another Phick reunion?

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1. Sharon and Nick Newman

Speaking of Nick and Sharon, these two Y&R characters have broken up and got back together more times than one person can recollect. Fans have watched the high school sweethearts grow over the years, and have seen their love story unfold and evolve. While the death of their daughter Cassie tore them apart, it has always been a factor that has kept their bond strong as well. Unfortunately, they have experienced their fair share of lows, with affairs along the way, and Nick helping Sharon with her kleptomania, her mental health issues, as well as her victim complex. While Sharon is preoccupied with Rey right now, if history is any indication, it won’t be that long until Shick fans see these two back together once again.

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