6 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (August 21)

Published on August 21, 2017.

As the summer winds down, the drama sure won’t on General Hospital (GH)! This week truths are revealed; Julian gets a verdict; and Anna reaches out to Finn (of all people) for help. Learn more about these stories and others in the GH spoilers for the week of August 25th.

6. The Truth Comes Out

Sam makes a huge decision this week and GH spoilers are hinting that she just might make a confession around Sonny’s shooting. Dante is hot on the trail, so it might be something she feels must be done before it is too late. Carly will be outraged when she finds out and those who hid this from her will feel her wrath. Sonny and Jason will try and explain to Carly why they covered it all up, but there will be a whole lot of tension between these three this week. GH spoilers also indicate that Sam will be mad at Jason and it could just be about the sneaking around he’s been doing without her knowing. Will JaSam make it through? GH spoilers indicate that while there will be tension for this super couple, but they will work it all out as time goes by.


5. Julian’s Verdict

Meanwhile Sam’s dad Julian will be upset at Rudge. As his trial continues, the testimony of Rudge will be the final nail in Julian’s coffin. Stay tuned GH fans because as the week progresses the verdict from the trial will be revealed. GH spoilers are all pointing to guilty, but the good news is that while he will head to prison it does seems that Julian will be back when the fall hits.

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4. An Offer Michael Can’t Refuse?

Ned will be laying out an offer to Michael this week. The two will have a chat and Michael will seem to like Ned’s plan. He does accept, but there may be trouble on the horizon for the young Quartermaine. It’s no secret that Ned wants to lead ELQ, so has he set up a trap for Michael? Either way, the he should be careful. Family is family, but business is business, especially for the Quartermaines.

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3. Ava’s Hero

Griffin has undoubtedly been there for Ava recently, as she struggles with the burns on her face. He will once again be there for her this week, defending Jerome when she deals with some criticism from an adversary. As he stands up for her, Ava continues to fall for him. In other Ava news, she’ll offer an answer to Franco this week regarding his artwork being put up on display.

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2. Anna Turns To Finn

While Finn still struggles with the loss of Hayden, Anna will need his help when an issue arises unexpectedly. He dives right in to help the super spy in hopes that the assistance will keep him preoccupied with something else for a change. All he’s been doing as of late is pining over Hayden and he wants to move on.

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1. More Spoilers!

A talk with Charlotte helps soften Nina when it comes to Valentin. The little girl may offer a lot of assistance when it comes to reuniting these to former lovebirds. Speaking of, Valerie will be shocked when the identity of Stella’s blind date set up happens to be Curtis! GH fans can expect a little awkwardness when the two realize what has happened.

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