6 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (February 1)

Published on February 1, 2016.

It’s a brand new month, filled with more drama, romance, and intrigue. What will happen this week on General Hospital (GH)? Read more about Sam, Olivia, Jason, Jake, and Nina, in the GH spoilers below, for the week of February 1st.

6. Sam’s Life Is On The Line

Sam is involved in a deadly chain of events that place her in jeopardy, at the hands of Jason’s son, Jake. While she tries to save herself, this only makes her situation worse. As the week continues, Jake starts to grow a conscience, and confesses to what he has done…but will it be too late for Sam?

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5. Olivia Gets Support

As Olivia continues in her recent battle, she is surprised to get support from an unexpected person: Nina. While Nina comes up with a unique story for Crimson, Julian immediately shuts it down. As well this week, Franco and Nina’s relationship takes a bit of a turn, as it becomes a bit more serious.


4. Morgan and Kiki Take Another Step

Speaking of relationships, while they decide to take it slow, the Kiki and Morgan do also decide to go out on an official ‘date’ this week. Things heat up a bit, and Morgan backs off. Later on in the week, audiences will see how frustrated the young Corinthos is with the side effects of his medication. On another note, despite reservations, Kiki decides to trust Sonny.


3. Nikolas Has His Eye On Hayden

A situation this week has Nikolas wondering if he should trust Hayden. She passes an initial ‘first test’ of his; however, this warm and fuzzy moment is interrupted when something else arises that makes Nikolas doubt her. While he drills her with questions, she continues to play dumb. Seems like trouble in paradise…

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2. Lulu and Dante…And Valerie!

Mr. and Mrs. Falconeri (for now)…come to an agreement about their relationship this week. Dante gets a front row seat as he watches Valerie moving on with Curtis when they share a sweet moment together.


1. More Spoilers!

Mac and Felicia help out Robert and Anna while Ava preps for a legal battle against Sonny. Speaking of Sonny, he gets a new doctor who has an interesting connection to another Port Charles resident. Felix shares what Sabrina’s intentions were with Michael and Kristina tries to agitate her professor. Later this week, she opens up to Molly about what really happened while she was at school. Make sure you tune in Friday because a resident of Port Charles will be confessing to murder!

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