6 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (February 29)

Published on February 29, 2016.

The bad news is the weekend is over; however, the good news is soap fans can get geared up for another dramatic week on daytime television. Learn about the fates of Morgan, Tracy, Sonny, Carly, Ava, and more in this week’s General Hospital (GH) spoilers.

6. Morgan’s Troubles Affect The Entire Family

With Morgan pulling out a gun during last week’s Julexis Wedding, there is incredible tension between Carly and Sonny this week. Diane comes in for the rescue, and devises a solid plan to help Morgan out; unfortunately, Morgan is in deniable about the terrible situation he is in. He is also shocked later in the week at what Sonny proposes he should do.


5. Tracy’s Health Further Deteriorates

After some time with Hayden, Tracy notices a new symptom as it relates to her deteriorating health. Dillion wants his mom to go see a doctor, but she refuses as she is terrified that they will give her bad news.

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4. Ava’s World

Ava has a breakdown in front of Paul earlier in the week. The confrontation temps her to go to Jordan, and spill the beans regarding how he is blackmailing her. On a high note, she and Sonny come to an agreement for a temporary truce.


3. Nathan’s Lies

Monday will see Nathan back pedal to Maxie about a secret he is hiding. While it seems he is telling the truth at first about ‘Claudette’, Maxie isn’t convinced. Turns out, he is not telling the truth. Later on in the week, Nathan fears that Nina will tell Maxie something.

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2. Liz’s Living Arrangements

Liz re-thinks living at Wyndemere, under the same roof as Hayden. Franco shows Elizabeth some compassion this week.


1. More Spoilers

Sam and Jason fans will have a happy family reunion with Danny this week. Franco gets frustrated with Nina when he finds out she is moving on with plans for a baby. Sam sets up a special wedding night for Alexis and Julian, and Anna tries to accept the idea that she may end up in jail. Later Maxie confides her worries about Claudette to Felicia, who tells Maxie to trust Nathan.

Source: www.welovesoaps.net
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