6 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (July 10)

Published on July 10, 2017.

Summer is in full swing in the land of Port Charles, and this week, General Hospital (GH) fans can expect a lot of drama. One character returns while another deals with a family death. There is some teen angst and a lot of plotting going around. Learn more about these stories and more in the GH spoilers below for the week of July 10th.

6. Valentin Returns

Nina will be more than shocked to find out that Valentin is back and off the hook with everything. He turns on the charm and will go on about how much loves her, but will she be quick to run back into his arms? GH spoilers indicate the couple will have a lot to sort out before there is a happy reunion.

5. Back To Square One?

Charlotte will be thrilled that her ‘papa’ is home and his return and their reunion is sure to hit GH fans in the feels. However, Dante and Lulu won’t be as happy to see Valentin back. They’ll wonder what all this means when it comes to their new family dynamic as things were just starting to fall into place.

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4. Scott Deals With A Family Death

Scott will deal with his dad’s death this week and Lucy will offer him updates. Lee Baldwin was played by Peter Hansen, and the actor passed away this past April. GH wanted to honor Hansen with some segments on the show and so they offered GH fans some flashbacks and closure for Scott. This week will offer some hard and bittersweet moments for Scott and longtime GH audiences alike.

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3. Teen Drama

Carly and Sonny continue to deal with Josslyn’s teenage fury. Carly will feel drained with all the drama, but Sonny will try and keep her going by letting her know that family peace is just around the corner. Sonny will reach out to Oscar as he’s always had a connection with Josslyn. He’ll also bring in Jason for a little bit of help with the hope that he can assist in bringing the teen around.

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2. Sam’s Anxiety

Jason helping Sonny with his teen drama will only make Sam feel further stressed out. GH spoilers indicate that her anxiety will hit a breaking point. Sonny knows he’s not Sam’s favorite friend right now, but her reaction will be a tad over the top. Sam’s headed for disaster soon and this situation may set her closer to this.

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1. Dr. O Seeks Revenge

Dr. Obrecht will begin unfolding a plan of revenge against Finn this week. She’s quite upset that he fought back and wants the doctor to pay for this. Will Hayden get pulled into this plot anyway? Rebecca Budig’s exit from the show is on the horizon, and one can’t help but speculate if all this will be tied into Hayden’s goodbye. Only time will tell.

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