6 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (March 13th)

Published on March 13, 2017.

Port Charles is rocking this week with episodes that you won’t want to miss. Alexis is taken hostage by Liv, Jake creeps his mother out, and Ava finally admits to switching Morgan’s meds. The next five days are sure to be interesting ones! Read about these storylines and more, in the below General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of March 13th.

6. Julian Makes A Sacrifice

While Ava is able to escape Liv, the mobster princess bounces back fast and kidnaps Alexis. Julian sacrifices himself to help her. Alexis worries about what will happen to him and wants to know the truth. She starts to re-assess her feelings for her ex. Will the safety deposit box key be used this week, so she can read the letter Julian wrote? You’ll have to tune in …

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5. Revenge Is On The Brain

Carly and Sonny have revenge on the mind this week when it comes to their son’s death. They both run into each other at Morgan’s grave. Carly wants retribution, after she runs into Ava and has a chat with her. Ava shares a picture of Liv, which comes in handy as Carly ends up seeing her as the week progresses. As it turns out, Liv will be at Morgan’s grave, which sends Carly reeling. Thankfully, Jason talks to Carly about approaching this another way, but he won’t be able to calm Sonny down. Sonny wants revenge for Morgan and goes after Winston Rudge this week.


4. Charlotte Custody Case

Speaking of, Dante wants his dad to change and tries to act as peacemaker, but he also has some struggles of his own. He and wife Lulu hit a wall with their custody case and Lulu will turn to Kevin Collins for assistance. Momma bear Laura gives Valentin a warning and Maddox will testify at the trial. His testimony might change things, but GH fans will need to wait until next week when it comes to verdict on where little Charlotte will go.

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3. Ava Confesses

Hold on to your hats GH fans, this is the moment a lot of you have been waiting for! Jordan recovers from the attack she suffered at the hands of Rudge. She asks Ava back to the station for information about Liv. During the conversation, Ava finally confesses about switching Morgan’s meds. The Jerome sisters might both be guilty when it comes to Morgan’s death.

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2. Liz is Scared of Jake

On a positive note, Liz gives Sam a nice gift for the baby, a sweet moment between these two women. However, Liz struggles this week over worry about her son Jake. The boy reveals some weird things that seem similar to the book Helena gave Liz in her will. She goes to Franco and he does some art therapy at home with little Jake which causes Franco even more concern. Franco decides to keep Jason in the loop, so the he doesn’t feel like they are doing anything he doesn’t approve of.

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1. More GH Spoilers!

Dr. Hamilton Finn finds himself in hot water this week at the hospital, around his Zen Zen addiction. While there is a small circle that know about his issue, will everyone in Port Charles learn the truth? Will it cost him his job or even worse … Hayden? Kiki turns to Dillon after some family issues. Curtis questions Andre and wonders if he has a hidden agenda around something.

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General Hospital Cliffhangers That Surprised Fans

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