6 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (March 20)

Published on March 20, 2017.

Lots of big things happening in Port Charles this week! CarSon is over, Nelle lands a job, Valentin extends some olive branches, and the mystery around little Jake continues. Learn more about these stories and more, in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of March 20th.

6. Valentin Extends Olive Branch To Two Ladies

Valentin has a chat with Anna and tries to mend fences. Cassadine doesn’t want to add anymore stress to her while she’s ill. GH spoilers are also teasing a talk between Valentine and Lulu. Seems like he is going to shock her with a truce this week. Valentin also takes the time to chat with lawyer Nora Buchanan. Maybe the character will be back when custody hearings hit round two in six months? Speaking of Anna, she has a hard week and is upset with Andre. She isn’t too pleased that he took Valentin’s side when it came to the custody fight and she presents an ultimatum to someone. Spoilers are unclear if that ultimatum is given to Andre or Valentin. In an odd twist of events, Dr. Liesl Obrecht helps Anna this week.

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5. Trouble In Paradise?

Couple Laura and Kevin have been enjoying a great relationship as of late, but GH spoilers indicate they will have some bumps this week. The reason? Her anger issues around Valentin. First off, Laura will be quite upset that her daughter Lulu didn’t get custody of sweet little Charlotte and, secondly, she’ll think that Kevin could have given them a hand to win.

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4. Liv Looks Good In Orange

Liv is still behind bars this week waiting to see what will happen next. However, she does get some visitors and the first one is Griffin. She’ll taunt him which will leave him shocked. Sonny visits Liv and issues more threats. Interestingly enough, Liv passes on some gratitude this week, but spoilers do not indicate who that is for. It also seems unsure why she is pleased enough to pass on thanks to anyone, so you will have to tune in to find out!

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3. The End Of CarSon

Sonny gains a kiss from Carly this week, which sounds like good news, but it is a goodbye kiss. Carly lets him know they are done for good and cannot get over him lying about Nelle. Sonny is devastated by all this, but never fear GH fans! Even though Carly has walked out of his life, GH spoilers are teasing a new love interest for Sonny in the near future. Speaking of Nelle, she lands a job this week as Charlotte Cassadine’s new nanny and is hired by step-mommy Nina! Grandma Bobbie is upset that she hasn’t left town and lays into her, but Nelle bounces back at her.

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2. Tracy And Hayden Try To Help Finn

He’s lucky to have these two as friends. Tracy and Hayden work hard to help clean up the good doctor, but he still struggles this week with his Zen Zen addiction. When it seems as if he is falling off track from everything, Tracy has a conversation with him. Tracy also gets quit an interesting offer herself this week.

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1. Little Jake Has More Issues

Meanwhile, Liz questions Hayden, but she doesn’t get any information she wants. Franco is worried about Jake and the door he drew, plus the fact that the child has very little memories. Franco tells Liz this. There is some good news this week, JaSam is back home and settling in with little ones Scout and Danny. Everyone is happy, but how long will this last? GH spoilers indicate that the mystery around little Jake will soon come up and turn everyone’s world upside down.

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