6 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (November 21)

Published on November 21, 2016.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Who is ready for some Port Charles drama this week? Well there’s plenty of it! Jason and Curtis team up, Sonny heads to court, and Carly and Jax … get it on! Remember GH fans with the American Thanksgiving holiday this week the soap is running a rerun on Thursday and no show on Friday. Learn more about these stories and much more, in the GH spoilers for the week of November 21st.

6. Romance Rekindled with Jax And Carly?

While Jax has been there as a support system for Carly as of late while in town, will it turn into something a little more this week? Spoilers indicate that the former lover birds do kiss and, with her marriage on the rocks, Carly wants more. But will she get more? You will have to tune in. Of course, spoilers indicate that Nelle overhears something and snoops on the two. Nelle seems to have her hands in all sorts of pots this week. In addition to the Carly/Jax make-out session, she questions Kiki about Morgan and continues to remind her about the fact that Morgan thought that she was cheating on him before he passed on. Oh, that Nelle! She seems to be up to no good this week (as per usual).

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5. Quartermaine Thanksgiving

Don’t feel too bad for Kiki. She’ll spend some quality time with Dillon this Thanksgiving holiday season. Dillon will try to continue to support and comfort her, but those comments from Nelle will sting Kiki quite a bit this week. On another Quartermaine note, Tracy will be dealing with a lot this Thanksgiving too, while she takes care of Hayden at the mansion and deals with the usual family disputes.

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4. Thanksgiving Gone Wrong

Alexis organizes the family Thanksgiving dinner this year, but the pressure of it all leads her straight to the bottle. Of course, as she’s bar-hopping she’ll run into Julian. She tries to threaten him, but he’s got the ultimate threat: that he will run to Sam and tell her that mommy dearest is drinking and that she’s gone against her promise to stay off the booze. Alexis chooses to drink with Julian over what he suggests, and things take a turn for the wild this week between these two.

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3. Bomb Case Evidence

Julian deals with black mail this week as it relates to the bomb case (Oscar Jessup). Curtis and Jason work together to find some evidence that shocks them all. Meanwhile Dante and Jordan work together to get ready for court and pay zero attention to the new clue that essentially supports the idea that Sonny may be innocent. Jordan and Andre have a one-on-on that doesn’t end well.


2. Sonny’s Support System

It’s dwindling, but there are those who do still support Sonny in Port Charles. As Jason and Curtis are hot on the trails to clear his name, Laura goes to see her old friend who is behind bars. The two bond over losing their sons and talk through their grief. The good news is Michael does show up to support Sonny during his arraignment.

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1. More Spoilers!

Lulu and Dante give their loved ones some good news. Ava turns to Scotty for more pills from Lucy and Baldwin ends up playing dirty to get them. On some sweet holiday news, Avery goes to her mom’s house for Thanksgiving and Ava does try to make the best of it. Hopefully the baby can help keep Ava’s mind off of all the drama around her.

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