7 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (January 23)

Published on January 23, 2017.

Enemies align to help Franco; Sonny has some interesting words for Nelle; Valentin reveals his true feelings; Dr. Finn continues to struggle with his addiction; Lulu feels rejected; and Oliva Jerome is clearly up to no good. It’s an action-packed week in General Hospital (GH)! Learn more about what stories will unfold in the next five days by reading the GH spoilers for the week of January 23rd.

7. Liz and Sam Join Forces

Sam and Liz agree to put their differences aside to investigate Tom Baker’s murder and find out whether Alexis or Franco are implicated. Sam pays a visit to her mom and Alexis finally admits to all what she has done as of late. This includes her drinking, stashing Julian at her house, and the fact that she was with Baker the night he was murdered. Sam’s upset by her mom’s lies, but also wants to help her and begins looking into the case. As the week progresses, Liz finds Franco’s cell buried in the snow with blood on it. She seeks help and Baldwin heads to Gene’s with a photo of Alexis to throw around questions.

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6. Killon Join The Case

Kiki brings Dillon on for the ride when she gets thrown into the murder case looking to help her father-figure. The two get closer and closer this week, trying to help Franco. Come mid-week Franco deals with some consequences to what he has done and spoilers do not indicate if that is Seth Baker or Julian’s minion. Liz talks to someone about who she thinks Baker’s killer is as we head into the end of this week and Sam finds some vital evidence. Spoilers also indicate that Liz finds herself in a dangerous situation as she tries to save her boyfriend. Nathan and Dante inch closer to a suspect – whether that is Alexis, Franco, or perhaps Seth.

5. The Jeromes

Alexis struggles with staying sober this week and is surprised when Julian uses blackmail (again) to get what he wants. Sister Olivia may already be up to no good when Jason becomes ill as the week progresses. We know he is a target of hers (as well as Anna) … is this a plan that she has set in motion to get rid of him?


4. Sonny Is On To Nelle

As he realizes she is not as sweet as she seems, Sonny has a talk with Nelle this week. Alternatively, Carly returns and wonders if she should be with Sonny at all. The mob boss has been pondering more violence and Carly isn’t sure she wants to go through this … again. Carly turns to Michael to talk about it and sorts out how she is feeling about the entire situation.

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3. Jordan And Curtis

Curtis and Jordan chat about old times during an out-of-town trip they share. Spoilers indicate a line is crossed while they are away and Andre gets quite upset. Speaking of, Griffin turns to Andre when it comes to a theory he has. Griffin believes that Valentin has killed Claudette and thankfully Andre lends an ear when it comes to this idea.

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2. Big Moment For Valentin And Anna

These two having been going back and forth for weeks now! This week, Valentin finally comes clean to Anna when it comes to his feelings. Speaking of the Cassadines, Lulu turns to Dante after she gets rejected by Charlotte. It was a hasty idea to reveal the secret to the little girl and Valentin will not be pleased that Lulu has done so.


1. More Spoilers

Hamilton Finn fights his addiction this week as new friend Brad and girlfriend Hayden start to notice that something is off with the good doctor. GH fans will also see Liz run into Brad this week as she is looking for Franco. Kevin and Laura continue their love affair as he opens up about something to her.

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