7 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (October 19)

Published on October 19, 2015. Updated December 1, 2015

General Hospital (GH) fans! This is what you have been waiting for! Wondering what is going to happen in the wonderful world of Port Charles this week? No need to wait any longer: below is a taste of what is in store for the week of October 19th.

7. Mystery Woman

A new character on GH? Apparently a mystery woman by the name of Darby will stir things up this week on the daytime soap. Stay tuned…

6. Baby Mama Drama

Olivia struggles with the decisions she has made. Meanwhile, Julian conducts a suspicious phone call, with someone unknown. Julian drops a huge surprise for Alexis, while she in turn has some surprises of her own, in the form of some life-changing news.

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5. Corinthos Family Business

Sonny continues to tell Michael to stay out of the family business. Later Michael catches Sonny off-guard with some good news. This is something he may need, as it seems that Sonny’s condition might be far worse than everyone thought. As Sonny struggles with bad news, his loved ones (Michael, Morgan, and Carly) gather by his side to offer support. Michael and Sabrina grow closer, after sharing a special moment together.

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4. Family Affair

On the opposite side of the GH spectrum, things turn from awkward to heated when Morgan and Kiki have a run-in at the Haunted Star. Speaking of Kiki, she helps Nina with the logistics of a family gathering that includes Maxi and Nathan. Nathan grills Franco about what his true intentions are with his sister.

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3. Jake’s Investigation Continues

Liz confronts Jake and asks him to end the investigation regarding his true identity. She is later overwhelmed when her GH co-workers throw her a bridal shower. Jake in turn drills Nikolas about coming clean with details on his past. Later, Spillelli makes a huge discovery as it relates to Sam and Jake’s case. Jake later reveals to Carly that he, Spinelli and Sam are conducting an investigation to reveal his true identity. As well, Laura starts to get concerned about little Jake and his recent behavior.

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2. Time To Come Clean

Nathan encourages Dante to come clean to Lulu and do the right thing. Maxie devises a plan to assist Dillon with his movie. Dante has a heart-to-heart with his mom Olivia, and tells her about his new family plans with Lulu. Noticing tension between Nikolas and Laura, Lulu starts to get worried about her family.

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1. Port Charles Odds And Ends

Some additional spoilers include, Anna looking to get some help in regards to her current guilt and anxiety. She later makes a surprising discovery. Brad approaches Alexis for legal advice. Can she help him with his marital status, so that he can let go of one commitment in order to solidify another? And after hearing Nikolas talk about his feelings for her with his son Spencer, will Hayden’s feelings change for the Cassadine prince?

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