7 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (October 26)

Published on October 26, 2015. Updated January 7, 2016

It’s Monday, General Hospital (GH) fans, so it’s time for another little taste on what will happen this week in the land of Port Charles. Read on to hear about Lulu, Dante, Jason/Jake, Sam, and more! Below is a teaser of what is in store on GH for the week of October 26th.

7. Halloween Fun

Get ready for a very eventful Halloween party at the Haunted Star! Also, trick-or-treating provides an endearing moment for Liz and Jake, as Elizabeth’s heart warms up when she sees how fatherly he is with her boys Cameron, Aidan, and little Jake.

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6. Wedding Bells

As the big day comes closer, Elizabeth starts getting nervous. She also gets a special wedding gift from her grandmother. Hayden scores an invitation to Elizabeth and Jake’s wedding…does Elizabeth have more to worry about than the typical pre-wedding jitters she is having?


5. Dante Is Haunted By Guilt

As Lulu and Dante continue to make future plans for their family, it seems Dante is beginning to feeling guiltier about his affair. When his mom Olivia, unknowing of what he has done, starts to praise her son, his guilt surmounts. As such, Dante and Dillon continue to go back and forth about Lulu, causing Dillon to come closer to telling Lulu the truth. Later, Dante sees Lulu and Valerie having a close conversation. Needing to confess to someone, Dante tells his father Sonny about his affair.

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4. A Father And Son Get Closer

Speaking of fatherly advice, Paul provides some to Dillon about Lulu. After, Dillon sees a close conversation between Dante and Valerie. Lulu stumbles upon some interesting footage from Dillon’s movie…will secrets be revealed from this?

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3. Jake’s Investigation

Sam looks for some legal advice from a friend for Spinelli, and she lets Jake know that she will help him find out who he really is. Jake gives Spinelli’s some vital information that could help reveal his true identity. Meanwhile Sam and Nikolas clash, when he lays in on her for digging around in his business. Sam also feels uncertain about her choices.

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2. Corinthos Family Saga

Sonny and Carly react to some news Micheal provides. Brother Ric provides Sonny with unsolicited legal advice. Carly discovers some incredible news. Meanwhile Sabrina deals with the aftermath of her actions. When it comes to little Avery Corinthos, Ava approaches Kiki to help her gain custody of the baby.

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1. More Spoilers!

Ava and Paul share an emotional moment. Later, Paul finds Anna on the pier, and tells her that he knows ‘something’ about her while she makes a confession… what are Paul’s motives? Does he reveal that he knows she killed Carlos? Paul’s antics continue when he offers his advice to Dante and Lulu that will further complicate Sonny’s life. He does all of this so he can make a big move against the Corinthos cartel.

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