9 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (July 9)

Published on July 9, 2018.

Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Port Charles is abuzz this week with shocking promises, surprising blows, interesting revelations, as well as growing suspicions. Learn more about what will happen with Chase, Michael, Nelle, Carly, Kevin, Sonny, and more in the GH spoilers of the week of July 9.

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9. Peter’s Vow

While poor Peter has been desperate to escape his hostage/cabin situation, he’s also made zero progress in this regard with Liesl. This week, GH spoilers tease that Peter makes a vow, so it is likely he’ll turn his attention to Nina. Who knows what kind of promises he’ll make, but Peter is hurting to get out and GH fans all know Nina is his best bet.

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8. Suspicions Grow

Finn and Franco become suspicious after Wyatt offers them some information, and they come to realize that Dr. O just might have taken someone hostage. As Franco and Finn work as a team to gather more information, Nina and O will work hard to try and avoid any issues. It seems like only a matter of time before these two get found out and Peter gets released.

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7. Nelle’s Shocked

Good news for Nelle haters! GH spoilers tease she’ll be in for some setbacks and shockers this week. In fact, Michael will throw a few blows her way, leaving Nelle feeling uneasy. As Michael and Chase are working together, Chase may also throw some blows Nelle’s way too. Nelle will feel backed into a corner, and she will work hard to avoid any disasters this week.

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6. Ava’s On To Nelle

Interestingly enough, Oscar will walk by Ava this week and she’ll catch a sniff of his cologne. It won’t take long for her to realize it is the same one Morgan used to wear, and she might realize that Nelle snatched her bottle. GH spoilers tease that Ava may also put two-and-two together and figure out that it got to Josslyn, who gave it to Oscar.

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5. Ava’s Concerned

GH spoilers indicate that Ava will not be as upset at Nelle’s actions; moreover, she’ll be concerned. Ava will see that Nelle’s plan is falling at the seams and worry that her ‘friend’ may have bitten off a little more than she can chew. Even Ava can see that Nelle is headed for disaster when it comes to her latest plot against the Corinthos clan.

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4. Jason Reaches Out To Drew

Wanting a private conversation with Drew, Jason reaches out to him this week for a chat. What will these two talk about? Sam’s name might be brought up, and knowing Jason, he may give Drew a heads up about the fact that he plans on ‘moving in’ now that the couple’s divorce is final. Jason may also reach out to Drew in hopes that he can help him out with the Carly situation.

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3. Sam Finds A Clue

Speaking of Sam, she’ll find a surprising clue this week as it relates to one of her cases. Could it be finding Peter, or could it be something to do with the takedown of Nelle, as she’s been helping Jason out with that one as well? GH fans will have to tune in to find out!

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2. Nina and Valentin

As Valentin continues to try and woo Nina back, he’ll be reprimanded by her this week. Nothing new there — Nina has been fighting each and every ‘sweet’ attempt that Valentin has made around a reconciliation. Still, the tables will be turned between this couple as the days progress when Valentin questions Nina around something she tells him.

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1. More Spoilers!

Additional GH spoilers for the week indicate that Sonny will play it cool while he also prepares Mike for something. Carly will reach out to Kevin and confide to him about something, and then as the week progresses, she’ll need to make demands around seeing him. In an interesting turn of events, Jordan turns to Stella for advice.

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