9 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 11)

Published on June 11, 2018.

This week’s General Hospital (GH) promises to be an explosive one! Learn more about what will happen in the courtroom for Carly, how Margaux will feel about the case outcome, and Jason’s struggle to help his friend (plus more) in the below GH spoilers for the week of June 11th.

9. Carly’s Verdict

Some bad news for Carly this week. While it will seem like good news when the judge sides with Carly’s insanity defense, it will be decided that Carly be sent to a harsher institution than one would assume, which is Ferncliff. While Margaux will be satisfied with the sentence, Jason will work hard on trying to fix this for his BFF.

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8. Nelle Shocker

Nelle will feel like she finally got one over Carly. GH spoilers indicate she’ll get a real shocker this week. We all know that Nelle stems from Florida, and as it seems, Chase called the state home for a while too. GH spoilers hint that their paths may have crossed back then and that GH fans are in for a huge surprise this week.

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7. Alexis Confronts Valentin

Alexis meets up with Valentin around a silver watch he passed to her in an envelope. Alexis questions how and why this is supposed to help her. Alexis will not let Valentin slide out of this on this week until he gives her some answers. Here’s hoping he finally provides more information about Mikkos.

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6. Kiki Feels Uneasy

Kiki will feel very uneasy this week. Dr. Bensch was cleared by HR on the case she brought up, and if she runs into him this week, this could make for an awkward confrontation. As well, if the doctor believes she may go public with this case, he could send her a warning about doing so. While Kiki is rattled, Alexis will stay focused.

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5. Mike Talks Croton

Mike will continue to reveal more to Sonny this week. GH spoilers indicate that there is a good chance more information about Croton will spill. Sonny is eager to find out where the body and gun went. Mike most likely won’t offer big details yet, but he will offer new information.

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4. JaSam

While Jason is working hard on getting Carly out of Ferncliff, he’ll also take some time to see Sam. The two will have some coffee together and GH spoilers indicate it’ll be a good chat between them. Are we one step closer to a Sam/Jason reunion? JaSam fans everywhere are hoping so!

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3. Clash Between Nina And Liesl

These two women will not see eye to eye about something this week. Liesl will continue her tirade of pain on Peter, and Nina won’t be able to stand for it. She’ll try and get her to stop, but will Liesel listen? Nina can’t be there at the cabin to watch over her every move, and Nina will worry about Peter when she leaves.

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2. Valentin In Denial

Valentin refuses to deal with something this week. GH spoilers hint this most likely revolves around Nina’s decision to end their marriage. Valentin will fight for their relationship, which will cause a slew of drama in the end. Nina wants to end their marriage, but Valentin won’t be ready for that just yet.

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1. Franco And Liz

Franco will surprise Liz this week in the most unsettling way. GH spoilers tease he’ll probably let her know about the Webber family members he’s been tracking down for the wedding. She will most likely object, and if Franco ignores this, there may be more trouble in paradise for these two.

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