9 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (May 28)

Published on May 28, 2018. Updated June 4, 2018

Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! There are some crazy bombshells that shall be dropped this week that are sure to rock Genoa City! Learn more about what will go on with the Abbotts, Newmans, Jabot, and Newman Enterprises (plus lots more), in these nine Y&R spoilers for the week of May 28th:

9. Trouble In Newman Paradise

Nick was worried that he’d have to deal with drama if he started back at Newman Enterprises, and the honeymoon period around this smooth transition back is over. Victor misleads Nick into believing something different about Victoria’s career goals and thus his son accepts the COO position offered to him. Then, the proverbial crap hits the fan.

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8. Victoria Not Pleased

When Victoria finds out about Nick’s role with the company, she has a meltdown. She’ll confront Nick and let him know her thoughts and that he was tricked. Nick worries this week that Sharon’s concerns about his returning to Newman were warranted. He tries to pull back from returning to Newman, but Victor has other ideas.

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7. Victor’s Ace In The Hole

When Nick tries to backpedal around his Newman comeback with dear old dad, Victor drops a huge bomb. In fact, The Moustache will reveal a secret so big that Nick’s hands are tied behind his back. Nick reluctantly will move forward with coming to Newman. Sadly, Victor is still up to his old dirty tricks.

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6. Jack Struggles

Jack will continue to struggle emotionally with his current situation. Son Kyle will not budge from Jabot, and Jack is so upset about his betrayal he’ll blast him this week. Jack’s still convinced that Victor has a hand in it all; however, a visit from sister Traci will help him calm down.

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5. Brother And Sister Bond

Traci has a nice talk with Jack and the two share some bonding moments. While she can’t fix his issues, just knowing she is there and supports him will help. Jack pays this forward by lending an ear to Sharon, who is worried about Nick’s drama with Victor. Jack will also confide in Sharon.

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4. Time To Give Billy A Chance

Jack gets a lot of love this week from his family when sister Ashley insists he stays at Jabot. Jack feels new CEO Billy is making bad decisions with the company and driving it into the ground. Both Ashley and Kyle try to work on Jack, telling him that he should give Billy a solid chance at running the company before he judges.

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3. Wardrobe Malfunction

During a promotional show on the Hilary Hour, Kyle deals with a wardrobe malfunction when his swimsuit comes off. The entire incident will cause some huge problems for Jabot, but might also boost the business too. You know what they say, bad publicity can be good publicity.

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2. Hilary Worries

Could be the pregnancy hormones or just typical behavior for Hilary, but she will be sending out mixed signals this week. While she shares her baby news, doubt seems to start seeping as well. She may be a bit worried about motherhood and might rely on Devon and Mariah for support this week.

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1. Abby And Nikki Drama

When Abby and sister Victoria clash this week, Arturo will offer Abby some comfort afterward. However, this leads to even more drama when step-mother Nikki witnesses a kiss between the two. The two women clash, and Nikki reveals that she had an affair with Arturo and offers another bombshell that shocks Abby.

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