Bachelor In Paradise 2019 Reality Steve Spoilers: Week 2

Published on August 9, 2019.

Bachelor in Paradise season six kicked off with an unprecedented amount of drama thanks to pre-show hookups and emotions running high the first two days on the island — and there is only more to come! With so many contestants to keep track of, and more just entering, as well as countless dates and dramatic rose ceremonies, spoiler king Reality Steve has all the details to break things down! Here are all the biggest spoilers for week two of Bachelor in Paradise with episodes three and four airing August 12 and 13:

10. New Men Entering

While the original contestants had no problem stirring up romance and drama in the first week of Bachelor in Paradise, it looks like things are only going to heat up in episodes three and four when four new men enter! According to spoilers, those four men are: Jordan Kimball from Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette and who had his heart broken after a cheating scandal following season five of Bachelor in Paradise, Mike Johnson from Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette (and Bachelor frontrunner), Christian Estrada from Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, and Dean Unglert from Rachel Lindsay’s Bachelorette season and season four of Bachelorette in Paradise.


9. The Dates

While it is hard to narrow down exactly what dates happen, there are four that happen for sure! It seems Jordan comes on and immediately asks out Nicole, Mike asks out Caelynn, Christian also asks out Nicole, and Dean also asks out Caelynn! Apparently Caelynn falls for the “dashing newcomer who makes all the ladies weak-kneed” who we now know is Dean, and it seems this new love connection really upsets Cam who is really into Caelynn.


8. More Blake Drama

If Blake wasn’t in enough hot water after the first week, it seems he only digs himself a bigger hole in week two. It is during this week that Blake will tell Caelynn and Tayshia that he actually wants to pursue something with Hannah Godwin. After everything, this probably won’t go over well with anyone on the island — especially Dylan.


7. Another Hannah Suitor

After getting close with Dylan immediately, and also having interest from Blake it seems Hannah G. is definitely highly sought after in Paradise, and spoilers indicate there might be a third suitor! Despite Hannah already being in a love triangle with Dylan and Blake, a “confident guy immediately zeroes in” on her. In the end, the Monday episode will close out with a reported “showdown” between Dylan and Blake over Hannah, where “one man’s world will crumble as the other one steals her away” after a “dramatic face-off on the beach.” Extra spoilers: Dylan wins this “showdown.”

Source: ABC

6. Clay’s Issue

With Cam fighting for Caelynn as she goes on a date with both Mike and Dean this week, it seems Clay will also struggle with all the attention Nicole gets. After a successful first date, Clay has to watch as both Christian and Jordan ask Nicole out and it seems Clay can’t deal with her being such a “hot commodity.”


5. Kicked Off

Week two of Bachelor in Paradise will see quite a few dramatic exits, two of which will come from producers kicking off two of the men! Reality Steve reports that during the cocktail party, Clay gets upset when Christian takes Nicole away to have a private conversation. Clay ends up confronting Christian, but Christian doesn’t respond well which prompts Jordan to get involved. As Jordan goes to throw something of Christian’s (reportedly a pinata) into the ocean, Christian grabs Jordan’s arm and in response “Jordan body slams him to the ground.” After security separates the two, Chris Harrison kicks both Christian and Jordan off.


4. The Rose Ceremony

After enough drama to fill a season already, the rose ceremony finally takes place where the women hand out roses. Demi gives her rose to Derek, Caelynn to Dean, Hannah G. to Dylan, Nicole to Clay, Katie to Chris, Sydney to Mike, Tayshia to John Paul Jones, and Kristina to Blake.


3. Self-Elimination

On top of two getting kicked off, and rose ceremony eliminations, week two will also have a self-elimination according to Reality Steve. Apparently Oneyka ends up not giving out a rose because she doesn’t feel like she has made a connection with anyone.


2. Eliminations

With Oneyka eliminating herself and Jordan and Christian getting kicked off, the actual eliminations of the week are: Cam Ayala, Kevin Fortenberry and Wills Reid.


1. What’s Next

Week three of Bachelor in Paradise has even more drama and surprises in store! Week three will see Demi’s girlfriend from back home, Kristian Haggerty, show up, and a promising romance implodes after one of the guys leaves because he isn’t sure the relationship is real! Until then see who stays together, who breaks up and who gets engaged with these season six spoilers!



Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers 2019: Which Couples Stay Together, Break Up Or Get Engaged

Bachelor In Paradise

Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers 2019: Which Couples Stay Together, Break Up Or Get Engaged

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