Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers 2016: Which 3 Couples Get Engaged?

Published on August 23, 2016.

Bachelor in Paradise is well into its third season, and it is just as dramatic and entertaining as fans had hoped. Chad Johnson didn’t make it past episode one, but now that the season is underway, fans are starting to see couples form, and others fall apart. As always, fans can’t wait to find out just what couples make it and which don’t, and thankfully, spoiler master Reality Steve has all of the information needed including episode by episode break-downs! In the end it all comes down to five couples, three of which are confident enough to take it one step further and get engaged, but two call it quits. Check out the fates of the final five Bachelor in Paradise couples:

5. Engaged: Grant and Lace

Grant Kemp and Lace Morris may be one of the most surprising couples of all, considering no one was quite sure if Lace was ever going to find love but she did! Not only that, but according to Reality Steve, they had the most interesting and shocking overnight date! It seems the two are so certain about each other, they actually go out and get matching “Grace” tattoos, which is of course a combination of “Grant” and “Lace.” Luckily, with matching tattoos they are one of the three that get engaged. Now the question remains: will the relationship last?

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4. Break-Up: Wells and Ashley

After it all comes down to the five remaining couples, Chris Harrison carefully explains to everyone that they have to decide if the relationship is serious enough that they are sure they want to pursue it, and they can all have overnight dates, but again they have to be serious. So, it turns out Wells Adams really isn’t all that serious about Ashley Iaconetti because he ends it right there and doesn’t even try the overnight date, and according to Reality Steve, Ashley is still not over Wells.

Source: ABC

3. Engaged: Evan and Carly

Yes, Grant and Lace are surprising, but perhaps an even more shocking pair that wind up engaged is Carly Waddell and Evan Bass. As is probably still fresh in fans’ minds, after lots of flirting and build up, the first kiss between the two went completely opposite directions. Bass gushes, “Kissing Carly for the time was incredible. It was butterflies and explosions. It was a perfect kiss.” Meanwhile, Carly’s reaction was much less enthusiastic: “The kiss was so terrible.” It seems Evan has fine-tuned his lip-locking skills, and let’s hope Carly mentioned what she said before Evan has to watch it on TV.

Source: ABC

2. Break-Up: Jen and Nick

Like Wells and Ashley, Jen Saviano and Nick Viall break up, but they do attempt the overnight date before doing so. According to the spoilers it seems the breakup was amicable, and it also seems that they have managed to stay friends to a degree. Poor Nick, he has been on the quest for love for quite some time, but it really seems as if reality television will not be the answer for him.

Source: ABC

1. Engaged: Josh and Amanda

Last but certainly not least is this season’s central couple, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton, who do end up engaged. This is going to cause conflicting feelings for a lot of fans, because it seems nearly everyone has tried to warn Amanda about Josh’s actual personality and temper. In one of the last few episodes it seems the twins take themselves out of the show, but before they do, they take the time to pull Amanda aside and warn her, but yet again she decides not to listen. It does, however, finally spark anger from Josh, and according to Reality Steve, he really loses it on almost everyone for talking about him, but even after seeing that, Amanda is not deterred.

Source: ABC
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