Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: Which Couples Stay Together In The End?

Published on August 10, 2015.

Bachelor In Paradise fans are already hooked on the new season and we’re only 3 episodes in! So far, we’ve seen quite a few connections between former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants but which ones actually have staying power? Thanks to Reality Steve, those of us who want to know which couples stay together, which couples break up and which couple gets engaged can find out right now. Seriously. If you want to know the status of your favorite Bachelor In Paradise couples this season, keep reading. We have all the details on the popular couples from the season. Enjoy!

Kirk and Carly

Status: Not Together

Kirk and Carly have been super close since the first episode of the season. Fans will be completely shocked to learn that this dynamic duo makes it all the way to the final episode, only to break up right before the fantasy date. According to Reality Steve, it is Kirk’s decision to dump Carly and they both go home before the show officially ends. Poor girl!


Dan and Ashley S

Status: Not Together

Dan and Ashley S really hit it off during Ashley’s trip to the emergency room at the beginning of the season. Since then, they’ve been inseparable. Unfortunately, like most BIP couples, these two don’t end up staying together either. Their relationship seems to take a turn in week 3 when Dan decides to give his rose to Amber instead of Ashley.

Tanner and Jade

Status: Together – and Engaged!

Another couple who hooked up early on in the season, Tanner and Jade, have a different ending to their romance than the couples previously mentioned in this article. Like Kirk and Carly, Tanner and Jade are one of the 5 couples who make it to the finale – and these two stay together in the end. Not only do they stay together, Tanner pulls a Marcus this season and proposes to Jade on the finale. Only time will tell if these two make it down the aisle too!

Juelia and Joe

Status: Not Together

Those of us watching this week (week 2) saw a few sparks between Juelia and Joe on their one-on-one date. Unfortunately, when the date was over, Juelia couldn’t stop gushing about Joe while Joe bashed and insulted her to producers (on-camera). Needless to say, these two didn’t last. Joe’s wish for Samantha to arrive came true and as soon as she showed up, Joe dumped Juelia and started seeing Samantha.

Joe and Samantha

Status: Not Together

While we’re on the subject of Joe and Samantha, many of you are undoubtedly wondering whether they’re still together. The answer is no. These two had the most volatile relationship in the house and they end up going their separate ways in the end. Before they leave, they destroy their relationships with everyone in the house by lying about whether they had met before the show started filming. They had – and failed to mention this to anyone else on the show. Needless to say, these two weren’t missed in the end.

Jared and Ashley I

Status: Not Together

The on-again/off-again relationship between Jared and Ashley I has been an emotional rollercoaster since day 1. Those of us watching last night saw Jared break Ashley’s heart by asking Clare on the next date. Somehow, these two (Jared and Ashley) seem to find their way back to each other – but not for long. In week 5 (there are a total of 6 weeks this season, with a Sunday/Monday episode each week) Jared decides to leave before the cocktail party because he doesn’t feel a strong enough connection with Ashley I (and he’s still in love with Kaitlyn Bristowe).

Tenley and Joshua

Status: Not Together

A lot of fans are really rooting for Tenley to find love. So, does she find it with Joshua? These two are one of the 5 couples who make it to the finale as well, however, they decide to break up in the end. There are few details surrounding why/how they made it all the way to the end only to break up but maybe more will be revealed on the finale episode.

Nick and Samantha

Status: Together

After things didn’t work out with Joe, Samantha moved on to Nick. Nick and Samantha are another couple that makes it to the final episode this season, although it’s not really that impressive given Nick only showed up in Week 4 and Samantha in Week 3. This means they only had a few weeks to get to know each other. Obviously, if they have a connection they’re going to want to explore it further. For this reason, Nick and Samantha stayed together in the end (although likely won’t last more than a few months).

Justin and Cassandra

Status: Together

Much like Nick and Samantha, Justin and Cassandra both showed up later in the season. Justin arrived in Week 4 and Cassandra in Week 5. These two had very little time to get to know each other so, when it came time to make their decision on the finale, both Justin and Cassandra decided to stay together and see where the relationship goes. Something tells us they’ll be broken up by the time the finale airs.

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