Bold And The Beautiful Couples Who Are Better Off As Friends

Published on October 6, 2022.

It takes a lot of chemistry, luck and persistence to wind up on the same page romantically with someone. Each of these Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) couples had an honest chance at finding lasting love together, but for one reason or another, let the opportunity pass them by. Today, we’re looking at B&B couples who have found out — or still need to learn — that they’re better off as friends!

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9. Eric And Brooke

If someone has an affair with their partner’s offspring, well, that doesn’t bode well for a long and fruitful marriage. Clearly, Eric and Brooke didn’t stand a chance as long as Ridge was in the picture, someone Brooke refers to as her “destiny”. Plus, now that she and Eric have been separated for years, it’s clear that their connection works best on the friendship level. The two are tremendously supportive of each other. In recent years, Brooke uncovered Quinn’s affair in an attempt to salvage Eric’s honor, while Eric supported his ex-wife throughout her troubles with Ridge.

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8. Carter And Katie

When Brooke blew the whistle on Carter’s affair with Quinn, the Forrester COO was ashamed of himself. He had never been the “other man” before, and he didn’t like how it felt. Well, surprise, surprise: Katie didn’t like it either! She showed up at his door and sounded off on him in defense of Eric. When the dust settled, these two connected on a desire to find a healthy, sustainable relationship. They’d go for lunch dates and hold hands; it was sweet. But then Carter went back to being the “other man” and Katie stopped coming around, so it’s for the best these two quit while they were ahead!

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7. Thomas And Hope

Nobody needs to write a dissertation on why Thomas and Hope’s relationship didn’t work; it was disastrous! Besides all of the conniving and deception involved in keeping Liam and Hope apart, Thomas developed a pathological obsession with Ms. Logan. Certain lines were crossed which pretty much nullified any possibility of a romantic relationship. That is, unless Hope wants to regale her future children with the story of “when dad fashioned my likeness onto a mannequin”. Yikes!

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6. Deacon And Brooke

Deacon was on a mission to reunite with Brooke when he got out of prison. He started coming around the house and driving Ridge up the wall, but Brooke let him know that her heart belonged to her husband. Despite that letdown, Deacon has accepted Brooke’s decision and instead bonded with her as a co-parent to Hope. Could these two wind up back in each other’s arms? Absolutely. Brooke seems to like the attention he gives her. But judging from their last hook-up, it seems safer to keep these two on friendly terms!

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5. Wyatt And Hope

Wyatt and Hope had one of the most impulsive marriages in B&B history – and that’s saying something. But after they leapt into the waters in their wedding attire, this relationship fizzled quickly. Hope was genuinely intrigued by Wyatt; mostly because his affections were a sure thing, whereas brother Liam was perpetually distracted by Steffy. Needless to say, that criteria alone doesn’t ensure a happy marriage, and within a year, Hope was back with Liam.

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4. Paris And Zende

This couple is rarely on the same page. While Zende’s blinded by his affections for Ms. Buckingham, she frequently has her eye on someone else. When Paris found out that Zende was about to propose, she politely reminded him that they weren’t an “exclusive” couple, before jetting off to start an affair with Carter. Will Paris ever reciprocate Zende’s feelings and commit to the Forrester? Until she knows for sure, they should stay in the friend zone.

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3. Taylor And Ridge

There’s no use separating Taylor and Ridge from their love triangle with Brooke, so let’s address the elephant in the room: Taylor and Ridge have chemistry but it just isn’t the right chemistry. If they had what it takes, Ridge wouldn’t bounce the psychiatrist to the curb every time Brooke bats an eyelash. Although many fans will disagree, this couple’s track record proves that they are better co-parents and friends (with occasional benefits) than a monogamous couple.

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2. Steffy And Liam

Much like Ridge and Taylor, Liam and Steffy are part of a seemingly endless love triangle. However, they are just as hopeless (pun intended) in the monogamy department. Liam is a natural-born waffler, so he’ll always have at least one eye on Hope, and Steffy has found her ideal man in Finn. In fact, when her husband was believed to be deceased, Liam stepped up and helped her with the kids. Although Hope worried about her husband spending too much time at the cliff house, Liam’s determination to help Steffy recover was purely out of platonic love.

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1. Bill And Katie

Katie has always been one of the more grounded residents of L.A., which might explain why her current relationship status is: “Don’t Ask”. After everything she and Bill have been through, it’s perfectly realistic that she wouldn’t want to give her ex even the slightest notion of hope. They say time heals all wounds, but if that time passes, and then Spencer explains to Katie that her sister, Brooke, is still the love of his life, well… maybe it’s best they stick to talking about Will.

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