General Hospital Couples That Annoyed Fans

Published on October 16, 2019. Updated January 26, 2022

Every General Hospital (GH) fan has that favorite super couple. Whether it was Luke and Laura, Dante and Lulu, or JaSam, these are the duos viewers tune in for, the ones audiences root for and that couple no one wants to see break up. Then, there are those couples out there that get on everyone’s nerves. Below is an overview of GH couples that annoyed fans.

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12. Ava Jerome and Griffin Munro

At first, it seemed like Griffin might have been the one to help turn Ava’s toxic ways around; however, fans all know too well that people change only when they want to. It became crystal clear that there was no helping Ava, and that’s when her clinginess to Griffin became annoying.

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11. Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones

Nothing like a horrible secret to tear a couple apart, right? What is really annoying about this couple is how Lucas eats up Brad’s lies, and considering his partner’s past, he rarely questions him. Another annoying thing about these two? How their Wiley baby-switch storyline dragged on for far too long.

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10. Nelle Benson and Michael Corinthos

Speaking of lies, schemes, and deceit! How did these two last for as long as they did? How could Michael have believed Nelle for so long? How could Michael have even fallen in love with Nelle in the first place, considering all she had done to his family, especially his mom? Watching this couple together was annoying on so many different levels.

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9. Kim Nero and Julian Jerome

At first, Kim and Julian seemed like a refreshing change; however, as the days and weeks went by, two things were clear, with the first being that the couple lacked a little chemistry, and secondly, Kim might not be as mentally stable as many would think. In her defense, the poor lady has gone through a lot, but with that said, watching these two go back and forth was frustrating when it may have been more interesting if they broke up and pursued other people.

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8. Kim Nero and “Dranco”

What’s even more annoying than Kim with Julian? Kim with Franco, thinking he’s Drew Cain, and believing they can actual maintain a relationship. The over-the-top storyline that had Franco gain all of Drew’s memories is a bit much; however, the fact that Kim believes she can have a romance with a man who thinks he’s Drew (but is not), is not only annoying, but completely unbelievable.

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7. Elizabeth and Franco Baldwin

There are many fans who love “Friz” together, and there are those that find this couple super annoying. Why? Well, some believe the two don’t have any real chemistry, while others believe that the Franco Baldwin is a character that is constantly pushed into the storylines (and on the fans) by GH writers. Some viewers feel they don’t seem right together, and it is annoying in many ways that they haven’t parted separate ways already. Maybe the “Dranco” storyline will do it.

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6. Nina Reeves and Valentin Cassadine

What is a decent woman like Nina doing with someone like Valentin? He’s hid a secret daughter behind her back, organized the entire Sasha debacle, and lied to her countless times. While the two do have chemistry, the constant lying on Valentin’s part is super annoying. The fact that Nina believed him was super annoying. How do they continue to break up and make up? Here’s hoping Nina cuts the cord for good.

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5. Liesl Obrecht and Cesar Faison

Not only did these two scheme up a storm together, their relationship never made sense. Liesl clearly loved Cesar, for one reason or another, but it was terribly annoying how much crap she took from him, and still remained loyal. Low point in this relationship? That Faison was obsessed with Anna during their entire relationship, and he had Liesl wear a wig so she could look like Devane at one point.

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4. Drew Cain and Sam McCall

When Sam thought Drew was Jason, their relationship made sense. When it was revealed that Drew was not Jason Morgan, it simply did not. Their relationship was annoying at that stage of the game because many fans wanted to see the real JaSam reunite, but Sam was quite determined to not call it quits. While her commitment to her marriage and Drew was admirable, it was also frustrating.

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3. Carly Corinthos and Franco Baldwin

The pairing of Franco and Carly could’ve been an intense one, but at the end of the day, it was not. The couple lacked chemistry, and were just not a good fit in the least, despite having some interesting friction in the beginning. Plus, they were just annoying together and it felt forced.

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2. Anna Devane and Luke Spencer

Two good looking Port Charles residents who are both known for their super spy excellence, and both part of prior popular super couples. Should’ve worked, right? Wrong! This pairing was terrible, and what was worse was how Luke tried to cling onto Anna near the end, when she was ready to break up and explore things with Duke.

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1. Elizabeth Webber and AJ Quartermaine

When AJ Quartermaine was discovered alive, and made a comeback to Port Charles in 2012, he caught the eye of Liz Webber, and the two became a bona fide couple. The annoying thing about these two was that they weren’t the right fit from the get-go, and despite AJ’s past, Liz seemed to believe his lies and schemes and somehow saw something in him that wasn’t there.

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