Sex And The City’s 8 Most Annoying Characters

Published on November 11, 2015. Updated April 4, 2017

Sex and the City had many annoying characters, which is bound to happen given that the four main characters went through men like gum. Not all the annoying characters were men though. Today, we’re counting down the 8 most irrating characters on Sex and the City. Here they are in all their glory:

8. Enid Frick

Enid Frick just wasn’t a very nice person. She made Carrie’s time at Vogue pretty unbearable and then, in a later episode, she hit on her boyfriend, Alexksandr Petrovsky. Not cool, Enid. Not cool at all.


7. Bunny McDougal

Bunny McDougal was so prim and proper, but she could still hold a grudge like a high schooler. We really felt for Charlotte, both during and after her marriage to Trey. Dealing with someone as annoying as his mother would have driven the average person crazy, but she managed to get through it with grace. Kudos to you, Charlotte!


6. Maria Deiga Reyes

Maria Diega Reyes didn’t seem so bad when she first began pursuing Samantha Jones romantically; however, soon after they became a couple she started getting on our nerves. She was a little too possessive to be with a free spirit like Samantha and not as open minded as she first seemed.


5. Ray King

Ray King was like a kid with ADD. He couldn’t focus on one thing for a very long and was constantly flitting from thing to thing. At first Carrie Bradshaw found this endearing, but then she finally saw it for what it was – way too annoying to deal with regularly.


4. Skipper Johnson

Skipper Johnson was obviously a nice guy, but he was just a little too whiny, especially when he didn’t get what he wanted. We think Miranda Hobbes was better off without him. He was way too needy for such an independent woman.


3. Richard Wright

It was hard to respect Richard Wright. He treated women so poorly (including Samantha) and he wasn’t interested in changing. Listening to him and his excuses was really annoying and got old fast. Thank goodness Samantha finally dumped him for good.

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2. Aleksandr Petrovsky

How Carrie ever dated Aleksandr Petrovsky is beyond us. He was definitely one of her worst boyfriends. He was demanding, uncompromising and pretty controlling – all of which are annoying character traits.

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1. Jack Berger

Jack Berger just couldn’t handle dating anyone as successful as Carrie Bradshaw and he was a total pain about it. Whether it was a passive aggressive comment or breaking up with her on a post-it note, he was just totally annoying.

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