Soap Opera Storylines That Need To End In 2020

Published on November 12, 2019. Updated November 19, 2019

There are soap opera storylines that can keep fans on the edge of their seats and then there are some that start off good and then drag on. Then there are others that are recycled with a feeling of “been there done that.” Regardless of the reasoning, below are some storylines in daytime drama that need to end in 2020.

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12. Valentin Orchestrating The Sasha Secret

General Hospital’s (GH) Nina recently found out that Sasha really isn’t her daughter, and this unraveled right before she about to (finally) get hitched to Valentin. With that said, the Nina/Valentin wedding was stopped; however, it’s beyond shocking that Valentin wasn’t outed as the mastermind who orchestrated the entire thing, and as such, this entire storyline continues to drag on. It really needs to end in 2020.

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11. Princess Gina

This entire storyline just recently rolled out, but here’s hoping it ends and soon. It feels like recycled and repeated material from the late 1990s, which is exactly what it is. Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is infamous for bringing back older storylines to try and make them fresh and new again, but Princess Gina returning is a major flop. Here’s hoping with the 12-month time jump that is happening right now, writers will decide to go another direction with Hope.

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10. Summer/Lola/Kyle Love Triangle

Hasn’t Summer suffered enough rejection in her lifetime? Why do Young and the Restless (Y&R) writers continue to place her in situations where she’s close to Kyle, only to get dumped. It’s clear, Lola is his choice, and placing Theo into the mix of this never-changing love triangle only means that this storyline is sure to drag on. Can’t Kola get past all this, and move towards another obstacle in their marriage?

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9. Peter August’s Lies

Just when GH fans think that Peter’s turned a new leaf, he pulls out a new scheme that has him lying to Maxie and placing Sam McCall in jeopardy, where viewers once again question August’s motives. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? This depends on who you ask in Port Charles these days, as Anna and Maxie may have a different answer than Jason and Spinelli.

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8. Secrets From Dina’s Past

Initially, Dina’s story around her Alzheimer’s was a beautiful one that not only raised awareness about the condition, but also the struggles that both patient and family must endure when a loved one suffers from this disease. With that said, how many storylines can the show produce around the same idea? With Dina’s over-the-top past, just how many secrets does she have that she cannot fully remember? How much more hasn’t surfaced in the over eight decades she’s been on this earth? At some point, this concept has to go away. Even Dina can’t have that many skeletons in her closet.

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7. Kristen’s Shenanigans

How is it that soap opera heroes are sometimes placed in jail for an extreme amount of time for the smallest of crimes, and villains can get off scot-free for the most heinous of acts? The very idea that Kristen has stolen babies (plus, embryos, for that matter), paraded around as Nicole Walker for months, plus got pregnant by seducing Brady (under the guise she was Walker), and gotten away with all this is mind-boggling. How is she allowed to freely walk the streets of Salem at this point?

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6. Baby Wiley Secret

When will the truth come out about Wiley’s real parents? When the child graduates high school? Seriously, baby switch storylines, in general, should be outlawed in the land of soaps at this point, but the fact that Wiley is well past his first birthday, and Michael STILL doesn’t know the truth is beyond ridiculous. The truth needs to come out by 2020.

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5. Gabi’s Need For Revenge

Speaking of ridiculous, will Gabi Hernandez ever learn that the game of revenge never reaps any reward? She tried to get back at Abby with some schemes, and Chabby still reunited in the end. Her next target was Stefan, and she ended up falling in love with him. This Lani plot seems like another silly ploy, and truly Gabi needs to move on from her immature ways and need for revenge. It just never works.

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4. Billy’s Darker Side

He seems to be healing, but there is a ton of speculation on the Y&R that Billy could be on the cusp of another breakdown. This storyline has dragged on for too long, and since this darker side of Billy’s came out of the blue, here’s hoping that with therapy, he can move onto something else in the land of Genoa City.

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3. The Ever-Lingering Nelle

Can Nelle Benson just go away already? Clearly, not. Despite all that she’s done and the fact that she’s in jail, she seems to still continue to wreak havoc in Port Charles, even on a part-time basis. Perhaps once the Baby Wiley switch is (finally) revealed (if that ever happens), Nelle can crawl back into the dark hole she once came from.

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2. DiMera Nine Lives

How on earth do members of the DiMera family pass on, only to come back to life? Do DOOL fans even take any of these losses seriously anymore? Days spoilers indicate that Stefan may return at some point, and teasers also point to the fact that Chad will state he’s been in contact with Stefano, which means he’s still alive as well. Tony recently returned, and Kristen too (a while back), too. It seems as if there’s something in the bloodline that gives this family nine lives.

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1. Nick Versus Adam

There’s nothing like sibling rivalry on a soap, and no two brothers do it better than Adam and Nick. But seriously, can’t they just (finally) brush it all under the rug for the sake of the kids if nothing else? While the two seemed to be close to putting their differences aside before Adam passed away, since he’s returned, it’s been full-throttle fighting (and Nick hasn’t backed off one inch), with Chelsea, Connor, and Christian as pawns in their game. Time for both men to move forward.

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