They Said What? 13 Worst Celeb Slams by Exes (w Quotes)!

Published on September 17, 2013. Updated May 4, 2015

Everyone knows that Hollywood relationships aren’t exactly known for their staying power. Most celebrity couples part ways before their first anniversary and many don’t last more than a few weeks. But what happens when the breakup doesn’t exactly go as smoothly as both parties would have hoped. Here are 13 quotes from celebrities who slammed their exes after they called it quits.

You won’t believe what these stars had to say about the people they once loved…

13. Brandon Davis Slams Mischa Barton

Brandon Davis made his feelings for the former O.C star very clear in a tweet he posted that read “Just realised my ex turned into one of the fatest people in the planet. I’m gonna start dating plus size models. Not! Mischa the heifer.” Ouch.

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12. Mel B Slams Eddie Murphy

Former Spice Girl Mel B let the world know that her former flame is a deadbeat dad by saying “The working title on my new song is Beverly Hills C*ck because that is what he is – He never bothers with his daughter. I mean, what kind of man is that?”

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11. Russell Brand Slams Katy Perry

Russell Brand holds nothing back when it comes to dishing about his sex life with ex-wife Katy Perry. He’s been quoted saying “When I got divorced, I considered becoming a monk. When you’re a monk, you’re not allowed to have sex with anyone. When you’re married, it’s one person. That’s one more than a monk. It’s not that different. I’d be having sex thinking, ‘Think of anyone, anyone else.'”

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10. Taylor Swift Slams John Mayer

He wasn’t her first ex to make an appearance in her song lyrics and he surely won’t be the last. Swift, however, did take the time to slam her former flame, John Mayer, by releasing the song “Dear John” which featured lyrics like “You are an expert at sorry and keeping lines blurry, Never impressed by me acing your tests, All the girls that you’ve run dry have tired, lifeless eyes ‘Cause you’ve burn them out.”

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9. Ben Affleck Slams Jennifer Lopez

Before meeting (and marrying) down-to-earth actress Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck had a momentary lapse in judgement (or so he says) when he dated rumored diva Jennifer Lopez. After they split, he was quoted in an interview saying he “felt suffocated,” admitting “I should never have gone down that route or got sucked into all the publicity.” Jennifer wasn’t going to let Ben have the last word, though. In a recent radio interview when JLo was asked if P. Diddy and Ben Affleck were both drowning, who would she save, the American Idol judge responded with “I’d let both those motherf–kers drown!” Ouch!

8. Brad Pitt Slams Jennifer Aniston

After his 7-year marriage to Hollywood’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt quickly became romantically involved with Hollywood bad girl Angelina Jolie. Years later, Pitt spoke of his previous marriage in an interview saying he “wasn’t living an interesting life” during his time with Jenn. Adding insult to injury he followed up on the comment saying that he was “trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.”

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7. Justin Timberlake Slams Britney Spears

In addition to his Cry Me a River lyrics (which included “you don’t have to say what you did, I already know, I found out from him”), Justin Timberlake made his feelings for his ex-flame Britney Spears very clear during one of his concerts. Before performing that song, JT warmed up the crowd by saying “Sometimes in life, you think you found the one. But then, one day you find out that she’s just some b-tch!”

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6. Brian McFadden Slams Kerry Katona

Former Westlife member Brian McFadden wasted no time publicly slamming his ex-wife Kerry Katona. Speaking about the mother of his children, Brian told the press “Kerry is a disgusting human being. She manipulates people and plays the sympathy card for every stupid mistake she makes. She is an embarrassment to me, my family and our children.”

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5. Katy Perry Slams Travis McCoy

Before Russell Brand was publicly dissing Katy Perry for her skills under the covers, Katy was taking shots are her former lover Travis McCoy via her song lyrics. She wrote the lyrics for Circle the Drain just for him. Some of the interesting lines? “You fall asleep during foreplay cause the pills you take are more your forte. I’m not sticking around to watch you go down, want to be your lover, not your f-cking mother.”

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4. Corey Bohan Slams Audrina Patridge

After Corey Bohan and The Hills star Audrina Patridge decided to call it quits, Corey launched an all-out attack on his former flame via Twitter. His message: “A girl that’s told yes by everyone surrounding them grows up to be a heartless closed off insecure individual. Time 2 pick up the pieces & stop being so sad! Some woman will always be empty & rotten from the inside out. You can’t love a heartless woman.” The real kicker? Audrina took him back. The two are still together.

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3. Charlie Sheen Slams Denise Richards

This one’s a tricky one. While Charlie Sheen slammed Denise in a txt, it was actually Denise who slammed Charlie in the media by releasing his nasty message to the public. Either way, the message was completely unnecessary. Charlie allegedly (according to Denise) wrote “I hope you and your worthless retarded father get cancer and join your stupid mom. Rot in hell.” Wow.

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2. Olivia Wilde Slams Tao Ruspoli

Renowned actress Olivia Wilde was once married to Italian filmmaker and musician Tao Ruspoli. After their divorce in 2011, however, Olivia wasted no time spilling the details of her ex-husband’s inability to please her under the covers. “I felt like my vagina died. It just turned off. Lights out”, the 28-year-old said of the split after eight years of marriage. “You can lie to your relatives at Christmas dinner and tell them that ‘everything on the home front’s just peachy!’ but you cannot lie to your vagina.”

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1. Adam Levine Slams Maria Sharapova 

Adam Levine reportedly told The Sun details of his intimate encounters with tennis superstar Maria Sharapova. He slammed his former girlfriend by saying “She wouldn’t make any noise during sex. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was. I really thought, like a lot of guys, that she’d be the loud screaming type. But instead, she just lay there like a dead frog. She even got angry if I started to moan. Said it ‘ruined her concentration.”

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