Young And The Restless: Crazy And Shocking Spoilers For Summer 2018

Published on June 26, 2018. Updated August 14, 2018

Summer is almost here, and you know what that means! The weather gets hotter and the land of Genoa City gets that much steamier! What will happen on the Young and the Restless (Y&R) in the next coming months? Below are 15 Y&R crazy and shocking spoilers for the summer of 2018.

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15. Hevon

Y&R spoilers indicate that Hilary and Devon will have a great summer as they renew their love for each other and try and figure out what to expect while they are expecting. However, with Mishael Morgan (Hilary Curtis) recently revealing her departure from the show, what does this mean for this couple in the near future? Most likely a recast, but only time will truly tell.

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14. Fun Guest Appearances

Having a celebrity guest appear on a soap opera is always fun, and this summer football fans will enjoy an appearance on the Y&R by Drew Pearson, Super Bowl XII champion. What kind of role will Pearson play? Y&R spoilers state that he’ll be a bodyguard for Victor Newman in an upcoming show.

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13. Jack’s Journey

With the recent blow around the fact that he’s not a real Abbott and not the biological son of John, Jack will become obsessed with learning the true identity of his real father. While he is not an Abbott, he still has that Abbott cash, and Jack will have the power and money to find out the truth around his paternity.

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12. Trouble In Philly Paradise?

With Summer’s return to Genoa City recently, and catching Billy and her mom Phyllis in the act, Y&R fans could see that this is probably the first of many issues that Summer will create for super couple Philly. Well, Y&R spoilers tease that Summer will become a huge thorn in Philly’s side come the warmer months, and she may even come between their romance once the dog days of summer are over.

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11. Billy’s CEO Status

While Summer is busy throwing some chaos into his relationship with Phyllis, Billy will also be focused on his new CEO role at Jabot. Y&R spoilers tease he’ll shake things up in the corporate world of cosmetics. It seems that Billy will take a huge stance on something that just may pay off big time in the end.

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10. Abby & Arturo

It’s been great to finally see some romance in Abby’s life. Most Y&R fans agree that these two have a ton of chemistry between them. The good news is that these two will get closer come the summer. The bad news? Well, Victor and Nikki won’t be too pleased with Abby’s new boyfriend, and Arturo will learn (as many before him) that wooing a Newman isn’t as glamorous as it looks.

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9. Billy Goes Back To Gambling

As mentioned, Summer is sure to be a thorn in Philly’s side and fans can see from a mile away that she will most likely break up her mom’s relationship. Y&R spoilers also indicate that Summer will interrupt a love session between Phyllis and Billy so that he can help her out of a jam. It seems that Summer will have lost her inheritance while in a high-stakes poker game and needs Billy’s help to get it back. Spoilers tease that Billy will make up an excuse to Phyllis and give Summer a hand, once again keeping a gambling secret from Phyllis because of Summer.

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8. Past Rival

Billy will partake in a poker game to win Summer’s inheritance back; however, the lying is sure to catch up with him. In fact, Y&R spoilers also indicate Billy will see a past rival at some point this summer and one can’t help but wonder who in his past he’ll run into. Billy fell into a tremendous amount of trouble during his gambling addiction back and in the day, and this may cause even more issues for him, his relationship, and potentially his cool new role as Jabot’s CEO.

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7. More About Arturo

Abby and Arturo will get a lot closer this summer, and Y&R fans should expect them to take their relationship to the next level very soon. Currently, audiences don’t know that much about Abby’s new beau, and that will change as the summer progresses. Y&R viewers heard him refer to having a sister Lola, whom we all should be introduced to in the coming weeks. Arturo also has a brother, who is heading to Genoa City very soon.

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6. Newman Drama

Victor will be working overtime this summer, scheming and plotting to remain on top (and completely in control) within Newman Enterprises. Y&R spoilers indicate that he’ll pit his kids (Victoria, Abby, and Nick) against each other, with the siblings locked in battle and conflict against each other in the coming weeks.

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5. Victor’s Secret

But how long will the Newman kids be at odds? It’s hard to say; however, Y&R spoilers do hint that Victor will get thrown a curveball at some point this summer. He reveals a family secret to Nick that will eventually get leaked, which will leave Victor scrabbling around damage control. This is the Moustache we are talking about, so don’t count him out just yet. Spoilers indicate that Victor will fight to the end to secure his legacy and is willing to wipe out anyone who tries to get in his way.

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4. Teen Scene

Shauna and Charlie will get that much closer this summer, as Charlie turns into Shauna’s hero. We all know she is facing some huge issues at home, and Charlie will definitely step up to support and help her. Y&R spoilers promise some sparks between these two young characters as the weeks go by.

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3. Kyle’s Romance

Handsome Kyle Abbott doesn’t have a plus one for now; however, Y&R spoilers tease that the most eligible bachelor in Genoa City will find romance in the coming summer months. Mariah, Tessa, and a returning Summer are all perfect potential candidates to become Abbott’s next girlfriend, so fans will have to wait and see who ends up charming him the most.

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2. Shick Struggles

There are two types of Y&R fans: those who love Nick and Sharon together, and those who don’t. Sadly, the two high school sweethearts will struggle when it comes to their latest attempt at a relationship this summer, and the downfall of these two might be trust issues, once again. Sharon will pack on some lies, and Y&R spoilers indicate that Nick might hide some things of his own this summer, which will make it difficult for them to keep this Shick reunion together.

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1. J.T.’s Murder

Speaking of lies and secrets, Y&R fans all know it is only a matter of time before this one is exposed. The team of Phyllis, Victoria, Nikki, and Sharon will deal with plenty of drama and pressure when a shocking twist in this storyline comes to fruition. Y&R spoilers state that this crew’s alliance will be questioned, as well as their motives, their trust for one another, and reality in general. Should make for an interesting summer for these ladies!

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