Young And The Restless: 12 Storylines That Need To End In 2018

Published on February 26, 2018. Updated May 29, 2019

You don’t become one of the top soap operas in American history without having some juicy storylines. The Young and the Restless (Y&R) is famous for its compelling stories and realistic characters, which captivates viewers enough to tune in daily and weekly. However, as great as some storylines can be, over time they can lag. Below are 12 Y&R storylines that need to end in 2018.

12. Phyllis Meddling in Nick’s Affairs

The coupling of Phyllis Summers and Nick Newman is something that is long in the past, yet Phyllis still seems to be obsessed in her ex’s affairs. Take her recent meddling when it comes to his relationship with Chelsea Lawson. While Phyllis obviously wants to get to the bottom of what Chelsea is up to, it’s time she gets over sticking her nose in Nick’s business.

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11. Tessa and Mariah

Will they or won’t they? Tessa Porter and Mariah Copeland have flirted with a potential more-than-friends relationship for a while now. The storyline has been very interesting to watch and bi-sexuality is not something that most soap operas cover, but the entire storyline needs to have a close. Either Tessa and Mariah take the plunge, or they don’t. The hinting and teasing between these two needs to end.

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10. The Juliet Factor

Juliet Helton made a huge splash on the Y&R last year, yet only lasted on the show mere months. In those months, she broke up super couple Lily and Cane, was the downfall of Brash and Sassy (thanks to her lawsuit), and gave birth to Cane’s son Sam. However, she’s been long gone from the show for a while now, passing away in November, yet her name and sexual harassment case still lingers on within storylines. It’s time to officially close Juliet’s story and hopefully Cane and Lily can move on from the entire ordeal.

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9. Jack’s Obsession With Jabot

Will Jack ever get over his obsession with leading Jabot? He went to great lengths to edge out sister Ashley recently and seems relentless when it comes to the company and legacy his father John built. It’s great that he is passionate about his family business, but some of the things he’s done have been too over the top. Plus, unlike John, Jack continues to go about leadership the wrong way, with schemes and plots that undermine people in order to run Jabot. Here’s hoping this all ends for Jack this year.

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8. Jack Versus Ashley

Speaking of, Jack’s feud with sister Ashley seems like such a shame. These two siblings have been through so much together and have always had each other’s back when it comes to their ups and down. Which is why it is so sad that they are currently rivals with Jack even trying to sabotage Ashley’s new Newman gig. This needs to end in 2018.

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7. Hillary and Devon

These two have been divorced since April 2017 and yet continue to pine for each other. Despite engaging in other relationships, Hillary is still very smitten with Devon, and Devon still can’t shake Hillary from his heart. Instead of tip-toeing around each other, it’s time that these two give love another go. Trying to hook up with other people is not working for either of them.

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6. Philly

Their affair has finally blown over and Billy Abbott and Phyllis Summers are currently engaged in a bonafide relationship. But have they lost their spark? Sneaking around behind Jack’s back gave the couple that naughty feeling and they seem to lack chemistry now that they are domesticated. Perhaps it is time that they both move on to other relationships and new storylines.

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5. Billy Versus J.T.

The return of J.T. Hellstrom late last year was an incredible comeback. Still, it re-ignited an old rivalry between him and Billy Abbott, one that spans back to when these two were teenagers. Both men are well into adulthood and its time for both of them to let it go. Doesn’t seem like it’ll happen anytime soon as Billy is like the elephant in the room when it comes to Vicky and J.T.’s current relationship.

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4. Nikki and Victor

Nikki and Victor Newman have had a roller coaster of a relationship. They make-up only to break-up and then make-up again – and this cycle has continued for decades. Their recent arrangement seems to be working, but Y&R fans know it won’t in the long run — there’s just too much love between these two. This super couple needs to either reunite with their hearts or break up for good.

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3. Lonely Abby

Abby Newman is that one girl who seems to always be a bridesmaid and never a bride when it comes to relationships in Genoa City. She had an affair with her niece’s husband a few years back and then, more recently, had a fling with Scott Grainger (who was dating Sharon Newman). Abby’s taken off to Paris for a little hiatus, so here’s hoping when she returns she can finally find a good and honest man to have a healthy relationship with.

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2. Jack Versus Victor

This rivalry has spanned decades, and while there have been some interesting moments between Jack and The Moustache, their feud needs to settle down. Will it ever though? Jack and Victor have so much bad blood between them that it may never come to a close. Here’s hoping they can refrain from trying to ruin each other’s lives in 2018.

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1. Baby Christian’s Paternity

Baby Christian has been through a lot in his short lifetime. He thought his parents were Sharon and Dylan McAvoy, and now he’s growing up under the assumption that Nick Newman is his dad. Truth is, Christian is Adam Newman’s son and while Chelsea and Victor Newman know the truth, Nick is still in the dark. Will Christian’s true paternity ever come out? Now is the time in 2018.

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