Young And The Restless News Round-Up For The Week (September 5, 2022)

Published on September 6, 2022.

Thanks to social media, The Young and the Restless (Y&R) viewers have more access than ever to their favorite soaps stars. Find out who said what and keep up with the latest off-screen drama with our Y&R News Round-Up for the week of September 5th, 2022. 

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9. Courtney Hope Takes On The Haters

When are soap opera fans gonna learn that daytime actors and actresses are real people?! Courtney Hope (Sally) gave a few rude people a quick refresher when she spotted some statements that do not represent the views of Y&R fans! “Never in my life have I seen such hatred spewed at myself, or any individual for that matter,” Hope replied on Twitter. “Your comments are unwarranted and completely ignorant, not to mention transphobic – which is intolerable.” And if the foul-mouthed “fans” weren’t clear where they’d misstepped, Hope doubled down. “Your obsession with criticizing and bullying me is downright pathological. Get help,” she advised. Let’s hope they took her message to heart.

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8. Will Traci Find Love?

Traci Abbott has covered a lot of ground during her decades in Genoa City, but she’s been rather unfulfilled in the romance department as of late! Viewers want that to change, and so does portrayer Beth Maitland! “Even when she was a teenager, she was a character who was conflicted, who did not fit, and she found her way,” Maitland told “And now that she’s older, she is still a nontraditional-looking person for sure, in a soap-star community, but absolutely a real person who has needs, who has desires, who has goals, who has dreams.” So will Traci find love in the near future? “That, to me, would really continue Traci’s legacy,” Maitland confirmed.

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7. Amanda’s Coming Back

Amanda Sinclair’s future in Genoa City was looking iffy a few weeks ago when actress Mishael Morgan’s name vanished from Y&R’s end credits. And although the mystery of her disappearing name remains unsolved, it appears that all is well between Morgan and the CBS soap. When a fan on Twitter asked her if it’s true that she isn’t on Y&R anymore, the Daytime Emmy winner clarified her status. “Don’t worry, I’ll be back on screen very soon,” Morgan tweeted back. Great news!

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6. Nick’s Daddy Issue

In an Instagram live Q&A, Joshua Morrow was asked which storyline he would rather Nick avoid – and the soaps vet had an answer ready. “My least favorite story to play is probably any stories where I’m constantly fighting with my dad,” he revealed, according to (Let’s hope none of the Y&R writers were listening in, because Nick is currently doing a whole lot of bickering with daddy dearest.) “My dad in my real life, he’s like my best friend,” Morrow explained. “And I don’t think any son should ever treat his dad the way Nick does at times.” In defence of his character, however, the star was obliged to acknowledge a certain truth: “Granted, Victor causes a lot of these problems.”

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5. Unhappy With Ashland’s Demise

Morrow isn’t the only actor complaining about Y&R writing choices – Eric Braeden is, too! The man otherwise known as the Moustache recently shared his storyline critique in an interview with James Lott Jr. “I was not necessarily that happy that I didn’t do more between Victor and Ashland,” Braeden admitted. He then channeled his alter ego, stating, “I watched Ashland come into town, and I suspected him from the very beginning. I didn’t trust him from the beginning.” For all of Victor’s talk, he did precious little to get in Ashland’s way, which is something that bothers Braeden. “I thought it should have been Victor who does him in because he’s protecting his family,” Braeden shared. “But then, Nicholas protects his sister. I had seen the ending differently, but yeah.” Hey Victor, at least you tried to cover it up…?

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4. “Skyle” Wedding — Take Two 

Speaking of questionable storyline decisions, one of the biggest soap opera blunders of 2021 was having Kyle and Summer’s wedding occur off-screen. Contract negotiation breakdowns forced it to happen the way it did, but c’mon, this is “Skyle” we’re talking about. Luckily, it appears that Y&R is righting this wrong by having a vow renewal ceremony for Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Summer (recast with Allison Lanier). Head writer Josh Griffith confirmed the news in the most recent issue of Soap Opera Digest. “Kyle and Summer haven’t lost their passion, so they decide to renew their vows in Genoa City,” Griffith explained. “We’re making up for the fact that fans never got to see their wedding, so Kyle and Summer are going to have a beautiful renewal of their vows on the Abbott estate.”

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3. Y&R’s Big Year

Y&R is turning 50 years old this upcoming season, and CBS Daytime recently dropped some key dates that viewers will want to keep in mind. On Friday, September 30th, the CBS soap will debut a brand new logo as they kickstart festivities a wee bit early. From that point on, Y&R is teasing some huge character returns and plot twists to ensure that their golden jubilee is not soon forgotten. Finally, on March 26th, 2023, Y&R will celebrate the anniversary of their very first episode with some surprising moments and character returns.

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2. A Bold Crossover Episode 

Also announced during the details and teasers for Y&R’s 50th season is a crossover episode with The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B)! Details are scarce right now, but CBS is calling this crossover a “special” one. (Does “special” mean it’ll be more interesting than Eric Forrester having a video call with someone in Genoa City? Let’s hope so!) The episode will launch B&B’s 36th season and happen on Monday, September 26th.

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1. Michelle Stafford Goes “Back To School”

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) has a new project on the go. “Nutrition and wellness has become a new passion of mine,” Stafford revealed on Instagram. While the star couldn’t be too forthcoming about what she’s planning, it sounds like a lot of thought and work is going into the new wellness venture. “In these last couple years I have done a lot of studying on the subject of health and changing your health trajectory,” Stafford continued. “It doesn’t have to be over at 40 or 50 or 60. Can you really change it around?” It sounds like Stafford is eager to find out and she’s planning to share her findings with us!

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