General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (August 27, 2018)

Published on August 27, 2018.

While it will be a short week in Port Charles with only two new episodes airing in the next five days, it will be an interesting one for General Hospital (GH) fans. Learn more about Ava, Griffin, Oscar, Sonny, Kim, Julian, and Nelle in the GH spoilers for the week of August 27, 2018.

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8. Repeat Episodes

As the last week of August winds down, GH will only be airing new episodes on Monday, August 27th and Tuesday, August 28th. Repeat shows will air Wednesday through Friday, as well as the following Monday, September 3rd. This may disappoint many, as there are lots of interesting storylines unfolding, but the show is promising a very exciting September ahead.

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7. The Ashfords Head To Family Counselling

Chandra Wilson, of Grey’s Anatomy fame, will return to GH come this Monday, August 27th, as Stella, Jordan, and Curtis head to family therapy. Wilson will play their therapist, and here’s hoping she can help the trio sort out their differences. Spoilers do state that Jordan will be hit with some inspiration, so this might just all end on a positive note.

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6. Drew Confronts Margaux

GH spoilers indicate that Drew will confront Margaux on this Monday’s episode in regard to the flash drive that he found with some of her things at Metro Court. He’s probably wondering if it’s ‘his’ flash drive. Regardless, she will promise to tell him everything, at some point. Is she stalling? One must wonder if she’ll come clean or just dig deeper in lies.

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5. Griffin Confronts Ava

It’s all about confrontations on Monday when Ava is approached by Griffin regarding the blanket that she hid. Fans know that said blanket was the one that Carly and Nelle fought over before the infamous fall she took down the stairs at the Quartermaine mansion. It was also evidence that Carly required to be cleared of charges and avoid Ferncliff.

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4. Griffin Knows The Truth

GH spoilers indicate that Griffin will realize that Ava helped Nelle with her scheme against Carly. The bigger question is, what will he do with this information? If Ava is exposed, this could mean bad news for her. Having Sonny and Jason as vengeful enemies is never a good thing. She’s already in the Corinthos’ bad books, and this could tip the edges.

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3. Sisterly Bonding

GH spoilers state that Kristina and Sam have a serious conversation. While the topic isn’t revealed, GH spoilers do indicate that it is important and that Kristina is reluctant to talk about whatever Sam has brought up. Spoilers also hint that Sam will remain supportive. What could they be talking about? Fans need to tune in on Monday to find out!

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2. Chaos At The Corinthos House

Guns will be drawn on poor Mike this week, as a misunderstanding causes him to sound off the mansion’s alarm system. Mike will be scared, which will motivate Sonny into thinking about the next steps for his dad. Will he finally make arrangements to move Mike into an assisted-living home? It might be time to.

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1. More Spoilers!

What else will happen this week in the land of Port Charles? Well, Kim will offer an update on Nelle while Julian tries to calm Brad down. Oscar will turn to Sonny for something, and Nina, wrought in misery, will start to split at the seams. Last but not least, Felicia is given some saddening news.

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