9 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (August 6, 2018)

Published on August 7, 2018.

While the summer is slowly winding down, the drama in Port Charles continues to heat up! Will Carly have to head back to Ferncliff? What will happen with the baby switch storyline? Will Nelle ever pay for all her wrongdoings? Learn about these storylines and more in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of August 6, 2018.

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9. Jason Approaches Margaux

Jason will worry that something could go wrong with his recent move around busting Carly out of her mental institution, so he will look to chat with Margaux this week in hopes that he can keep Carly out of Ferncliff for good. Sure, he’s still a fugitive and so is Carly, so it’s a bold move to reach out to Margaux, but Jason will feel it is worth it. There will be a lot riding on this meeting with Port Charles’ DA.

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8. Drew’s Grand Move

GH spoilers indicate that Drew will lay out a grand gesture of some sorts this week. Could this have to do with Margaux? Storylines continue to intertwine these two pivotal Port Charles residents as of late, so it wouldn’t be shocking if he did something creative to get Margaux’s attention.

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7. Ava’s Impressed By Julian

Ava will be impressed with Julian’s attempts to be a better person for his family. Julian’s bond with Lucas continues to grow, and Ava will be inspired by him. She’ll do something big this week to support Kiki, and Griffin will find the love between them heartwarming. But, Kiki and Ava growing closer might also spell disaster when the hook up between Griffin and Kiki is exposed.

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6. Scott Fails

GH spoilers indicate that Scott will desperately try and talk Dr. Bensch out of using that incriminating Kiki/Griffin photo; however, he will fail. Scott is worried about their hookup being revealed in court and will turn to Franco for help, hoping that he’ll tell Alexis what is up. But will Franco approach Alexis?

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5. Franco’s Week

Kiki will get ready for her trial this week. But, what will the outcome be, and will Franco lend a hand? GH spoilers are all abuzz about this with teasers indicating that Franco will make things worse this week, but as the days progress, he’ll also make a bold move. GH fans know just how much Franco adores Kiki, and would do anything to support her. Here’s hoping he can help her.

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4. Nelle Gets Nasty

GH spoilers indicate that Nelle will get rather nasty this week, as she’s backed into a corner. She’ll lash out on her enemies, and spoilers hint that she’ll taunt anyone and everyone who she deems isn’t on her ‘side’ or has turned their back on her. Perhaps Nelle will finally get what is coming to her.

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3. Times Up For Valentin?

GH spoilers indicate that Valentin will feel like his time is up. Could this be around his attempts to win Nina’s love and trust back. His internal clock will be ticking, and if he gives up on this, it might very well be the end to any hopes around a reunion for this couple. Maybe both Nina and Valentin need to move on?

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2. Jordan Will Be On The Hunt

GH spoilers indicate that Jordan will be looking for some answers this week, but will this have to do with Nelle, Jason and Carly’s bust out of Ferncliff, or something on the personal side of her life? Jordan will go the distance and take some initiative around something important as well.

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1. More Spoilers!

Sonny will be busy this week, as his curiosity is piqued. Sonny has a lot on his plate, helping Michael deal with the death of his baby, worrying about Carly’s escape from Ferncliff, and so much more. Regardless, as Thursday hits, Sonny will have a day that is bittersweet. In other GH spoilers, Finn will refuse to offer help, and Elizabeth will feel conflicted.

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