General Hospital 2019 Forecast: Plotline Predictions

Published on January 3, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

The new year is in full swing! After all the holiday craziness (some fluff and reruns in the mix, too), most fans of General Hospital (GH) are excited to get back to their regular routine and Port Charles drama. But, what will come to be for the town’s residents in 2019? Below are 12 GH storyline & plot predictions for the new year.

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12. Kristina’s Cult Craziness

There’s no doubt that Kristina’s new friends, especially Hank/Shiloh, are sure to become a focal point on GH as the weeks and months move forward. It’s sure to come to fruition that this group is up to no good, and Kristina will sink deeper and deeper into this cult until she does something illegal or something she regrets. While Hank is a mystery man with a connection to Drew, Jason also seems to have his eye on him, so Kristina will probably end up being okay when all is said and done.

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11. Ryan Continues To Kill

It’s clear that Ryan enjoys killing on the holidays, and with Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day looming, here’s hoping that Jordan, Curtis, and Chase can get their act together and put two and two together. But, they probably won’t. Not for a while, anyway. While Ava should also know better, she’ll continue to be duped by “Kevin” in the weeks and coming months.

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10. Major Character Dies

A huge serial killer soap opera storyline tends to mix some secondary-character deaths with major ones. While Mary Pat’s murder was a shocking one (because it was the first), Kiki’s completely rocked Port Charles down to its very core because she was such a huge part of the show. So, who’s next? If GH wants to keep fans on the edge of their seats, it’ll have to be a major character, and wouldn’t it be ironic if Ryan’s next victim was Felicia Jones? Considering their history, it would make sense.

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9. Ryan Is Revealed

More Port Charles residents will be murdered, with the minimum of one major character, when all is said and done with this storyline; however, the Kevin/Ryan switch is sure to be revealed by the summer of 2019, the latest. Who will be at the helm of exposing Ryan and freeing Kevin? Most likely the duo of Laura and Lulu. They both seem to be onto Ryan’s antics.

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8. CarSon Breaks Up Because Of An Affair

While Sonny and Margaux’s truce seemed like a good thing, Carly has been nothing but nervous about the bond these two are building, and she has every right too. Even Jason can see that Sonny is headed down a dangerous path. How long before the mob boss gives into temptation? An affair between him and Margaux is the in the cards, and this would instantly break up his marriage to Carly.

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7. JaSam Finally Reunite

While it’s been a struggle for Jason and Sam to officially reunite, GH fans know it should be coming any day now in 2019! The two will probably have some obstacles in January, but by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, JaSam will be a thing again in Port Chuckles.

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6. Trouble For Jordan & Curtis

Soap opera newlyweds don’t stay happy for too long in the land of daytime drama, and it is only a matter of time before conflict reaches this home. With both now involved in the serial killer case, expect trouble to be looming for this couple. Especially since Ryan will try with all his might to keep them off his track. While Ryan make the world think that Curtis is the serial killer on the loose? He recently did make a comment that the P.I. was always on the “scene” after a murder.

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5. New Love Interest For Lulu

Will Dante ever return? A recast just might not be the same with character, and it might be best for everyone involved if Falconeri simply “breaks up” with Lulu while he’s on his mission. This means a potential new love interest for Lulu Spencer, a legendary GH character. Dillon Quartermaine could always return, or perhaps a romance with Chase could bubble up? While he seems preoccupied with Willow right now, she just may land in Michael’s orbit as 2019 progresses.

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4. The Truth About Baby Wiley

Speaking of, far too many people know about the baby switch at this point, and the truth about Baby Wiley’s biological parents is bound to come out this new year. Someone who knows could spill the beans, or a medical emergency could bring the truth out; however, this storyline (hopefully) won’t continue until past spring 2019.

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3. Drew & Kim Come Together

With Kim and Julian a thing in the past, plus all of the demands around taking care of a sick Oscar, it won’t be long until the stress and nostalgia kick in for this couple and they reunite, especially if Oscar doesn’t pull through with his treatment and he passes on.

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2. Julexis Reunites

With Kim a thing of the past in Julian’s life, it only seems right that he and Alexis will once again gravitate towards each other. Both seem in such a better place than where they were before, and a reunion may be successful this time if Julian can stay away from anything mob-related, and Alexis can refrain from reaching for the bottle.

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1. A Cassadine Returns

It’s been a long while since a Cassadine has returned to Port Charles, hasn’t it? This family has nine lives when it comes to dying, so there are plenty of options here when it comes to a return. The obvious choices are Helena, Stavros, or Nikolas when initially thinking of a return because they could easily be woven into current storylines with characters. But, digging into the GH/Cassadine history vault, there are relatives like Stephen (Nikolas’ bio dad, and ex-flame of Laura), as well as Uncle Victor (Mikkos’ brother), who are also very intriguing choices.

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