General Hospital: Plotline Predictions For February 2019

Published on February 6, 2019. Updated September 4, 2019

Storylines continue to heat up on the land of General Hospital (GH), and as they unravel, audiences tend to speculate on what will happen next to all their favorite characters. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, as well as Sweeps, below are 12 crazy and shocking GH plot predictions for February 2019.

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12. JaSam In Danger

As they try and hide their reunion so that Sam can get closer to Shiloh, this super couple won’t be able stay away from each other for long, and will likely try and sneak away for a bit. JaSam have waited so long to be together, and it’ll be hard for them to refrain from spending any time together. But, if they do come together in secret, will they get caught and blow their plan out of the water? There’s a good chance of this.

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11. Kristina’s Gets Deeper

As Sam tries to get closer to Shiloh, Kristina will undeniably get deeper into the Dawn of Day cult. GH fans have already seen her shift in personality, and we will continue to see this moving on in February. So much so, that there will probably be a scenario where Kristina chooses the organization over her own family.

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10. Franco In Trouble

February spoilers for GH hint that Franco will reach out to Kevin/Ryan for help, and it seems as if Baldwin will be used as a pawn in this psychopath’s game. Will Franco get pinned for all the murders going around in Port Charles right now? Seems like that could be the case, as spoilers for the soap hint that Liz will need to lean on Scott very soon.

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9. Lulu Remembers

While Lulu is in a fog right now when it comes to her attacker, here’s hoping that it won’t be long before her memory returns. GH spoilers tease that Laura will begin to zero in on “Kevin” as February progresses, and this could happen if a spark in Lulu’s memory emerges.

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8. Laura Sees Kevin

Another huge possibility that could help Laura figure out the truth is if she comes face-to-face with her husband Kevin at Ferncliffe. If Franco gets pinned for Ryan’s murders, there may be a good possibility that he gets sent to the facility for review. In fact, GH spoilers indicate that Laura pays Franco a “visit” mid-month. If she sees “Ryan,” she may be able to put two-and-two together when it comes to the twin switch. Or at least get closer to the truth.

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7. One More Victim

However, before Kevin/Ryan gets caught, there will more than likely be another victim to add to the serial killer’s list. For whatever reason, “Kevin” seems to strike during holidays and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, Port Charles residents (and GH fans) should brace themselves for another murder. Who could it be? That one may be hard to predict, who could see Kiki coming?

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6. Where’s Dante?

As his name being brought up a ton these days, and Sonny looking into his whereabouts, it’s not hard to see that something shall arise from all this investigation. Either GH fans need to gear up for a recast of Dante, or potential news revealing his demise. With the popularity of Dante and the actor who played him, Dominic Zamprogna, it is highly likely that Falconeri will wind up dead and Port Charles will mourn the loss of him. Here’s hoping there’s a window open for a return.

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5. Oscar’s Condition

While things are looking bleak for Oscar, and everyone is expecting the worse, this is GH after all, and soap opera fans love nothing more than an unexpected miracle. One crazy and shocking plot prediction would be that Oscar is cleared of his condition come the end of February, with him and his parents celebrating a family reunion.

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4. Teen Drama Continues

If Oscar ends up being okay, the love triangle between him, Josslyn, and Cameron will most likely restart where it left off. While Joss undeniably has feelings for Oscar, she has also gotten close to Cameron too. Expect things to get complicated for these teens as February turns to March.

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3. CarSon Cracks

Carly and Sonny have had to deal with a lot since the beginning of 2019. With Margaux nipping at Corinthos’ heels there is a good chance this super couple will crack under pressure as February rolls on. GH fans should brace themselves for a huge breakup come spring. CarSon brings out the toxicity in each other when their relationship falls apart.

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2. Anna’s Illness

As Finn and Robert team up to help find out more about Anna and her illness, could Cassandra be somehow pulled into this storyline? GH spoilers do tease that the mystery around this woman will linger come February, and as she is tied to the WSB, then there’s a good chance we may see Cassandra back in Port Charles by the end of the month (or sooner).

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1. Trouble In Paradise?

Nina’s so-called daughter is back in the GH picture and is sure to stir up some trouble between her mom and Valentin. Audiences know that Sasha isn’t really Nina’s daughter and the entire secret is bound to blow up, and soon. But will it happen in February? Probably not, but there will be plenty of teasers in that direction.

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