General Hospital: Questions We Need Answered When The Show Returns

Published on June 9, 2020.

Raise your hand if you miss new episodes of General Hospital (GH)! Most fans are looking forward to restrictions being lifted so that production can ramp up for the show. As fun as watching the classic episodes have been, most viewers simply cannot wait to dive into some fresh shows. With that said, below are some questions GH fans need answers to when the show returns.

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12. Nina’s Testimony

While most fans can speculate that there is a good chance Nina sees Nelle holding her half of the necklace and testifies on her bio daughter’s behalf, there are so many ways this could all spin. Just how does Nina testify in the end, and how dramatically will it affect the decision around Wiley’s custody hearing?

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11. Who Gets Wiley?

Speaking of, just which fake coupling will end up getting full custody of Wiley? Will it be Willow and Michael, or Nelle and Julian? Is there a chance that the couples could share custody? Could Nelle and Julian win, banning Michael from any visitation rights (or vice versa)? Hard to say at this point.

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10. Will Nina Ever Learn The Truth?

Getting back to Nina, there’s a good chance she could learn about Nelle while she is testifying (catching a glimpse of Nelle playing with that necklace), but what if that doesn’t happen? What if she gets caught up in questioning, and makes Nelle look bad (which she is, but still)? Will fans have to wait months and months more before Nina realizes that Nelle is the daughter she’s been looking for now for years now?

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9. Is Anna Peter’s Mom?

While on the topic, will Anna ever confirm that she is in fact Peter’s mom? There’s been so much speculation around the possibility that Peter is actually her twin sister’s (Alex) child. Once GH production resumes, is there any way that this could get resolved? With the way Peter has been acting as of late, there is a very good possibility that he is Alex and Faison’s child.

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8. Could Holly Be Alive?

With all this talk around Holly’s disappearance and potential drowning, could Sutton still be alive? Could she make a huge splashing return at some point? Could Robert find out that she did not pass away in that boating accident? Could Holly have all the information needed to bring Peter down in the end?

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7. How Much Longer Can Mike Hold On?

On to some sadder speculation, while we all love Mike, watching him deteriorate as of late has been devastating. On the brighter side, the story has shed a lot of light on Alzheimer’s Disease and what families go through with the condition; however, it is still heartbreaking to watch. How much longer can Mike hold on? While no one wants to see him go anytime soon, most fans don’t want to see him or Sonny suffer needlessly.

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6. Will JaSam Ever Be Together?

Just when everyone thought Jason and Sam could be together, a silly parole stipulation has them apart, and then a threat of Cyrus. Will JaSam ever truly reunite and be together as a family? The reunion and (potential) remarriage seems to be taking forever for these two. Maybe they’ll end up moving on with others in the next six months or so?

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5. Molly and Brando’s One-Night Stand

Will TJ ever find out about Molly’s one-night stand? It’s sure to come out at some point once production returns and new episodes roll out. With all the Davis ladies in the loop, the truth could accidentally be spilled by either Alexis, Kristina, Sam, or Brando himself. Then again, TJ could walk into a conversation, or even hear Molly talking about it.

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4. Will Peter Slip Up?

Peter is responsible for Drew’s passing, Andre and Franco’s attack, as well as Holly’s disappearance, and Liesl’s lockup. At some point, Peter is bound to slip up and Maxie should find out. But when and how will this all roll out? Will Robert be able to nab him? Can Jason get the goods? Will it be Sam? Or will Maxie herself overhear all that Peter is (and has been up to)?

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3. Who Could Be Expecting?

According to GH spoilers, once everything gets back rolling, one female in the land of Port Charles could find out she is expecting. Could it be Maxie? That would complicate things if she finds out the truth about Peter. Could it be Molly? That surely would complicate things! What about Willow? Or potentially Lulu?

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2. Is Dante Headed Back?

All this “talk” about Dante between Olivia and Robert has many fans speculating around Dante’s return. The actor who plays Falconeri, Dominic Zamprogna revealed to Soaps In Depth this past May that he’s “ready to come home” and is open to a GH contract. Once production resumes, could Dante stroll back into Lulu’s life … and if he does … could she be pregnant with another man’s child?

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1. Nik, Elizabeth, Franco, Ava

These four have an interesting storyline right now, and with the friction between Liz and Franco, could Nik and Elizabeth cross a line? Could Ava and Franco’s history catch up with them? With the idea that Spencer could return, will he have a role to play in any one of these couples swaying one way or another?

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